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Pretty Little Liars has been with us for almost seven solid years, over which time we have become unashamedly obsessed with the fates of our favorite ladies in what is one of the most exciting and tension-packed shows on Freeform.

Yet, as with all good things, there comes a time when we have to wave a fine farewell to the what we love the most. Over the past months, news spread like wildfire suggesting that no decisions have currently been made for the show past Season 7 — deep down we knew what this really meant, and that was that the show was ending.

Understandably, for many true fans of the series, this was a shock. Yet, as the news continues to sink in, in this time of sorrow let's not dwell on the negatives — instead, here are three reasons why it might actually be a good thing that Pretty Little Liars is ending:

1. End It While It's Good

So many shows have succumbed to the terrible fate of being dragged on for far too long. If Pretty Little Liars ends now, the series might just escape this curse.

In fact, this is exactly what show-runner I. Marlene King is hoping for. And although the decision to wrap up the series after all this time was a tough one, it was certainly the right one to make. Speaking to Vulture in August, King said:

"It was a process for everyone. Creatively, I always knew what these last ten episodes would be, just not necessarily when they would be. We all came to the conclusion that we want to go out on a high, and we want to go out in a speculator way with our fans still excited to tweet about the show and be engaged in the show. It felt organically right for all of us, and creatively it felt like the right time and the right way to do it.”

And as for wrapping up all the loose ends? Consider this — intense intrigue is what brought us to the show originally, so in tribute to the entire of Pretty Little Liars, it would only be right to leave some questioned unanswered.

And let's be real, if you're looking for a happy ending with this show, it's simply not in its DNA so you might as well let it go. Lucy Hale seems to agree:

2. We Know Who "A" Is

After all, wasn't finding out who "A" was the entire premise of the show? And now that we know, let's be real, we should probably put everything to rest. Plus, so many people have been on the "A' team over the years that even the sound of the letter makes us all want to collectively roll over and give up.

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3. We Want To See The Girls In New, Exciting Projects

Almost seven years and over 150 episode later, it's high time Pretty Little Liars let its actors and actresses run free and scatter over greener pastures. They are no longer the boys and girls we met in high school in their teens, nor can they pull off those roles as actors and actresses in their late twenties or early thirties.

Troian Bellisario recently spoke to E! News, saying it was about time that she moved on. The actress, who will next be appearing in Sister Cities (a story of four estranged sisters who reunite after their mother commits suicide) said of her stint on PLL:

"It's been a blast these seven years. I'm so excited to be closing out this chapter on Spencer, to be closing out this chapter on the world, and to be closing out this chapter on my life. Everything is going to be wrapped up. It's so exciting."

'Sister Cities' is released on September 17, 2016
'Sister Cities' is released on September 17, 2016

And while Troian is gearing up for the premiere of Sister Cities this September, another Liar is also already ahead of the game in getting stuck in with new and unique projects before Pretty Little Liars is even over. Lucy Hale currently has a movie in production called the Dude, a movie about a group of teenagers trying to deal with life after high school. As for the other characters, we are super excited to see what the future brings them next!

Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform in April 2017.

Farewell, sweet Rosewood, we will miss you.

Is it a good thing that Pretty Little Liars is ending?


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