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After seven long years, the creators of Pretty Little Liars promised an end to the game — and they certainly delivered. With the never-ending plot twists and interweaving storylines, connecting the dots for the hit drama series could feel like a full-time job for fans. Our favorite little liars battled countless mysteries, murders and a stalker named "A," but in the end they came out victorious after one last showdown involving the biggest twist in the series' history.

For years, fans of have been stuck on theories involving twins, especially since the books (which the series is based on) delve heavily into the topic. After teasing twins for years, the show finally gave fans what they wanted ... and then some.

The threat from A.D. has been the season-long mystery, and the revelation was mind-blowing: Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has a twin named Alex Drake.

Not only is Alex Drake also A.D., she fits the the quintessential evil twin stereotype. After her mother sold her off to a family in London, she eventually became orphaned while Spencer was living the life in Rosewood. After Wren runs into Alex and shockingly finds the truth about her existence, Alex plans to terrorize the girls — and ultimately take over Spencer's life for a chance at love and friendship. Add in an expertly-made bunker, a twin fight and a classic "which one is the evil twin?" scenario, and we got the ultimate PLL endgame.

Besides the violence, murder and treachery, there were some heartwarming moments in the finale as well. Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Allison (Sasha Pieterse) are now happily raising twin girls (how appropriate), Hanna (Ashley Benson) announced her pregnancy, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) can finally live happily ever after, Spencer is free from A.D.'s grasp and can explore a new relationship with Toby (Keegan Allen) if she chooses, and Mona (Janel Parrish) reigns as the series MVP. In a tear-filled goodbye, we finally shut the door on Rosewood — and one of the best drama-filled friendships on — but are we done with the characters forever?

Since Better Call Saul was such a hit for AMC after Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones is currently developing spinoffs, it's not out of the question for PLL. Here are four possible spinoffs ideas that could be explored:

1. Emison

'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]
'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]

The budding romance between Emily and Alison resulted in a major fan following over the past few seasons, eventually garnering the couple name "Emison." PLL creator I. Marlene King took notice, because the two ladies ended up together raising adorable twins.

The progressive nature of depicting a lesbian relationship on network TV received praise from fans and the topic was explored even further after the network changed from ABC Family to Freeform. Their engagement and seemingly happy family life could be a subject for a spinoff. Both Mitchell and Pieterse have yet to sign on to a new project, so they could be open to exploring their new lives in Rosewood.

2. Haleb

'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]
'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]

Hanna and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) always seemed like the most realistic couple on the show with their careers getting in the way of relationships. The two always powered through, and with Hanna's announcement that she is pregnant, it would be interesting to see "Haleb" balance raising a child while balancing careers. It is important to add that Caleb already had a failed spinoff with Ravenswood, but if we keep Hanna at the focus and leave the supernatural out of it, they have a real possibility.

3. Alex Drake

'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]
'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]

It is a shame that we only had a short time with Spencer's evil twin, Alex Drake. She was basically the UK grunge version of Spencer, and I wish we had more time getting to know her story.

Spencer's story may be over, but is it possible that we could get Troian Bellisario to reprise her role as Alex in a prequel series detailing her life in London pre-liars? Having Wren involved would also be a major plus for fans.

4. Mona

'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]
'Pretty Little Liars' [Credit: Freeform]

Let's face it, without Mona, the girls would have been in jail (or dead) years ago. Even though she played a part in torturing them on more than one occasion, her obsession with "winning the game" proved life-saving. Mona never quit, no matter how dangerous the task, and eventually came out the winner, outplaying Alex. Hiring a fake cop to ultimately take Mary (Andrea Parker) and Alex back to Paris — to lock up in her very own dollhouse — was a brilliant move, the kind that fans would probably enjoy seeing explored further.

There were a few other spinoff ideas I had that didn't make the cut for the above list. They included Rosewood PD, which would explore the town's incompetent police, considering 13 people were murdered within the last decade. The second option would be Wine Moms, because who wouldn't want to watch the moms get together and drink, especially after seeing them reunite in the finale?

The most plausible option is a Mona spinoff, so fingers crossed. I still have a strong feeling that this is not the last time we will see these girls together on screen but time will tell!

Which Pretty Little Liars spinoff idea would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below!


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