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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Arguably the most eligible bachelor in the whole of Great Britain, if not the world, the UK's most notoriously cheeky Royal is causing quite the stir with his new beau. As rumors are constantly circulating about who's been receiving 's Royal flush, it's often difficult to keep up, but news has just broken that for the past six months he's been secretly dating actress-turned-humanitarian, ().

Meeting in Canada while Harry was promoting the Invictus Games, an organization he founded in which wounded veterans compete in multi-sporting events, and while Meghan was filming Season Six of Suits, love is said to have quickly blossomed between the pair. So who is this budding new addition to Queen Lizzie's clan? Here's everything you need to know about Meghan, the new empress of Harry's heart.

1. She's A Champion Of The People

Alongside being a UN Ambassador, Meghan has a strong charitable ethic and focuses on giving back to those less fortunate than herself. Speaking on her website, she spoke out about the challenges of being both a celebrity and humanitarian saying:

"My brain, heart, spirit couldn’t shift gears that quickly – from the purpose-driven work I had been doing all week in Rwanda, to the glitz and glamour of an award show – plus the pomp and circumstance that comes with it. “No,” my heart said. And it wasn’t a soft whisper to myself; it was a lion’s roar."

2. She Has Her Own Ethical Lifestyle Brand

Known as 'The Tig,' Meghan's lifestyle brand incorporates a dedicated love of "travel, food, fashion and beauty," and it's ethical too. By discussing tips on how to master the perfect blow dry while integrating articles on topics of ethical concern, Meghan aims to subtly raise social consciousness and awareness amongst her followers.

3. Her Dogs Are Her Life

Never missing a chance to get behind the movement, Meghan frequently posts adorable photos of 'her boys,' Guy and Bogart, who were both adopted from dog shelters rather than purchased from breeders.

4. She's A Fashion Designer

Adding yet another string to her impressive bow, Meghan also dabbles in fashion design, having recently created a collection for Reitmans, an online female fashion outlet.

5. She's Currently Starring In The Sixth Season Of Suits

Since Season one, Meghan has portrayed Rachel Zane, a paralegal who works alongside Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), forming a rather formidable pair for the USA Network channel. Now in its sixth Season, Rachel is trying desperately to "get Mike out of her head," but in doing so gets worryingly committed to an innocent man on death row. Her onscreen character sounding somewhat familiar to her in everyday life!

6. She Spends A Suspiciously Large Amount Of Time In London

Giving SoHo House an unprecedented amount of Insta-endorsement, Meghan has been spending a suspiciously large amount of time in London, eating delicious looking food, lounging on SoHo House's luxurious beds and no doubt hosting several secret liaisons with her Royal beau!

7. She Sends Coded Messages To Harry Through Illustrations Of Condiments

Proving to be a real 007, Meghan posted this romantic image of a jar of dill in what we can only presume was a subtle secret message to her true love.

8. She's Good Friends With Serena Williams

She's travelled the world to watch Serena play, most recently watching her win Wimbledon in the UK which was her record-breaking twenty second grand slam title.

9. She's A Democrat

Recently posting a picture of Hilary Clinton with the popular hashtag , we can be in doubt who Meghan will be voting for on November eighth!

10. She Has An Unusual Talent

Proving yet again that she is a woman of many diverse talents, Meghan posted a video to her Instagram which showed her ability for eating an incredible amount of raspberries all in one. You go girl!


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