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Princess Jasmine has a new outfit at Disneyworld and some fans aren't happy. Some is the operative word here, as it's unlikely that any of the main audience (delighted little kids and loyal Disney-lovers) are likely to let a little thing like a costume change affect their unbridled joy at the Disney experience. Still, here's a side-by-side of Jasmine's new look contrasted with her previous outfit.

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It's unclear what the official reason behind Jasmine's costume change is, as the Disney World website still portrays Jasmine in her classic movie two-piece look (see picture below) with an accompanying text that mentions nothing of the change:

A land where the caravan camels roam feels like home for Jasmine and Aladdin. Here, they may share a tale or two of their Arabian days and perhaps inspire you to explore the Kingdom of Morocco, a locale similar in some ways to their native Agrabah.

Still, some observers have speculated many reasons for Jasmine's change of outfit, with Inside The Magic stating:

Jasmine is now dressed in a one-piece pants and dress combo that definitely gives the character some more coverage, which could have been the reason for the change. Some rumors point to complaints from guests of Jasmine’s very revealing outfit, while others say it’s just part of the costume re-design that previous Disney princesses in the parks have received.

Distractify offers a more worrying potential reason for the change:

There's even speculation that Disney covered her up because the actress was getting catcalled or harassed by male park goers.

Thinly-veiled Islamophobic comments have been flying around, such as a tweet from @Banned_Ali saying:

Holy holy. Next she'll be made to wear a Burka.

With all Disney employees being "made" to wear whatever the park deems necessary for a fun visitor experience, it seems a little paranoid to single Jasmine out. As an OG character in the 1992 movie and sequels, Jasmine does have a number of different outfits anyway, so it's hardly surprising a costume change is sometimes implemented. The internet reaction says more about the public's entitlement when it comes to criticizing what women — and particularly women of color — wear, rather than anything Disney may or may not have intended with the change.

Jasmine appeared, veiled, in the 1992 Aladdin movie.
Jasmine appeared, veiled, in the 1992 Aladdin movie.

Although conversations about the representation of women always get people raging on all sides, maybe this is simply a case of Disney just...changing an outfit? Aladdin isn't wearing his classic bare-chested waistcoat look that launched a thousand childhood crushes, so both he and Jasmine are quite covered up in their current incarnation. It's also heading to winter time in the Disney Kingdom, so maybe Disney just doesn't want their employees freezing to death in the service of excited children?

This isn't the first time Disney has made us stop and think about some important life lessons. Click the video below to see six more lessons that the House of Mouse instilled in us:

Do you feel strongly about Jasmine's costume change or is this just the internet ranting about something fairly innocuous? Share your thoughts below!

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