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Of all the awful, premature celebrity deaths over the last year, the one that's personally been the most difficult to get over for me was the passing of , the pop cultural icon whose rollercoaster life mirrored a crazy career.

For every Carrie or Leia fan out there, the past week has been brutal, and a post-Christmas viewing of : The Force Awakens served as a bittersweet reminder of just how much charisma she exuded in her few scenes in the film. The Blu-ray edition of J.J. Abrams's movie also came armed with a few deleted scenes which didn't make the grade, two of which feature General Leia at her most commanding.

Be warned, though, watching them will probably hit you right in the feels.

In the first deleted scene, Leia receives a message at the Resistance Base that the village on Jakku has been wiped out, and that Poe Dameron is seemingly dead. Although BB-8 is nowhere to be found, Leia wisely warns Brance to "never under-estimated a droid," commanding her man to find BB-8 immediately.

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Although not essential to the film, the scene, which was presumably supposed to feature just after the Jakku battle, would've introduced us to Leia much earlier, as opposed to half way through the movie after the battle on Takodana. Check it out below.

The second deleted scene is much shorter and basically just features General Leia being a boss bitch and demanding that the Republic finally does something about the First Order. Again, this might've been cut from earlier in the film, seeing as Leia's hair is loose on one side rather than fully plaited.

Both scenes feature on the Force Awakens Blu-ray, which is obviously an essential purchase for any Star Wars fan. If you didn't get it for Christmas, you should probably fix that right now, and then disown your family and friends.

Should these deleted scenes have featured in 'The Force Awakens'?


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