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Is there anything we can't turn into a team-up movie these days? Apparently not. As progresses with their ultimate lineup of bringing their beloved animated classics to the big screen in live-action form, the need for more and more classic stories to bring to life is unyielding, much like the firmly established superhero genre. So what better time than now is there to combine the elements of the two?

Disney has had a rather great string of success lately with their live-action remakes. From Maleficent to Cinderella to The Jungle Book and all the way to the newly released , the financial benefits have certainly proven that this latest trend is here to stay. But what comes next? Will these live-action remakes get the sequel treatment? Or are there other plans to expand this fairy tale universe in new and equally exciting ways?

No Sequels, But Spinoffs And Prequels Possible

'Beauty and The Beast' [Credit: Disney]
'Beauty and The Beast' [Credit: Disney]

It's can almost be automatically assumed these days that uber successful films will get the treatment. So it's not all that surprising when the numbers started to roll in from Beauty and The Beast that people might start to wonder if a sequel was in fact a possibility. Recently, in an interview with Deadline, Sean Bailey - the man in charge of the live-action department at Disney - revealed there were no plans for the film to get further installments.

Though both Maleficent and The Jungle Book are expected to get the sequel treatment, it appears that Disney's latest venture won't be so fortunate. However, Bailey did say the door wasn't yet closed on the possibility of the films receiving either a spinoff or perhaps even a prequel story. The focus right now is on further development of live-action remakes for Disney's 2D Renaissance - , , , and are all in the works.

So What's This About A Team-Up Movie?

While this may come as a bit of a surprise, this project has not yet been officially set up at the legendary House of Mouse. It's actually currently being shopped around as a spec script by Paradigm agency's David Boxerbaum and literary manager Jake Wagner and in the midst of a bidding war.

In layman's terms, it means that a writer wrote a script that has potential and now his talent agency is bringing it to studios in the hopes that one of them will buy it for production. So, yes, it's possible that it could be bought by Disney, but it also has the potential to end up with another studio entirely, or even nowhere at all.

But if that happens, what would be the point? The majority of the princesses used in the script are all in the public domain, but their major recognition comes from Walt Disney Studios having previously used them in the past. And, if the video game series has proven anything, it's Disney's proven success with stories featuring their iconic princesses teaming up in battle.

Long story short, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Disney has been teasing its films having a shared universe ever since the beginning, leaving little Easter Eggs here and there for clever fans to pick up and endlessly wonder if they are all connected or if it's just another nice way to pay tribute to other adored Disney properties.

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The Trouble With This Kind Of Thing...

'Descendants' [Credit: Disney]
'Descendants' [Credit: Disney]

There are a lot of problems with planning an Avengers-style team up movie, especially if they are planning to sell the feature to Disney. The odds of something like this actually working out and not ruining the legacy of the characters is not in the favor of those behind this production. And that's exactly why it could end up at the House of Mouse. Disney controls its brand closely. It's possible they'd buy the script to keep the project in-house, knowing full well that, though the characters themselves aren't owned by the studio, the pop culture image of the characters has been entirely shaped by their company. Even if they don't plan on putting it into production, they could buy it simply to keep it out of another studio's hands.

I haven't seen the script or heard much more about it other than it already having an attached director in the form of Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 co-helm, . For now, we'll simply have to play the waiting game to see whether or not Disney has enough confidence in this script to give it a chance at life with the power of their wildly beloved animated classics.

Do you think an 'Avengers' style movie is the right move for Disney?


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