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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Stars from a host of great TV shows have joined the cast of upcoming Cinemax series Blanco.

Prison Break‘s , Sebastian Arcelus from House of Cards, from Orange Is The New Black and Boardwalk Empire‘s Erik LaRay Harvey, along with from Copper, have all joined the cast of Cinemax’s drama pilot Blanco.

The series will follow the title-character, a gangster named Blanco (Evil Dead‘s ) who double crosses his superiors while acting as a police informant in an attempt to establish his own criminal empire.

The script has been written by Blue Blood's Mark Rodner, with 28 Days later's directing.

While none of these are stand out names, many have put in great performances in the projects they've been involved in previously. But what do you think? Does a new series need a star name? Let us know your thoughts below.

(Source TVline)



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