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It wouldn't be Prison Break without Michael Scofield crawling his way through some dusty, narrow shaft in the ceiling. This is how Episode 2 of Prison Break kicks off. However, it does is give insight into his fellow cellmates. Whip is his young, American right-hand man, Lum is a Korean who has a deep passion for Queen (Michael told us that Lum stole the ashes of Freddie Mercury), and Sid is the gay son of a Yemeni government official. Looks like Michael has the beginnings of his prison crew. We know that he can't solve every problem without the help of some friends — inside and outside the prison.

'Prison Break' [Credit: Fox]
'Prison Break' [Credit: Fox]

The part of this week's episode that didn't work for me was the plot where Lincoln and C-Note (who didn't do much of anything except ride shotgun and scream out loud during this week's action sequence) received one of Michael's cryptic notes about finding the "Sheik of Light." With the help of coy, yet cunning, Sheeba, Lincoln and company have to rescue the sheik and his daughter by entering the roughest part of the city. This part of town is torn to shreds from bombs and gun fire and is controlled by the head of a terrorist group. Not to mention it is crawling with other members of the terrorist group.

This is why I found it somewhat comical when Lincoln just easily tip-toed around the back of the house where the prisoner was being held. Not one heavily armed guard spotted Lincoln sneaking around while wearing his bright white T-shirt. (I still want to know who his dry cleaner is. Check out his jacket from the previous episode in my recap of "Ogygia")

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Luckily, this lull in the storyline was immediately heighten by a glorious car chase. How can you not get excited about a guy firing a giant machine gun from the back of truck?

Now that we know who the sheik of light is, the clock is ticking for Michael and crew to get the heck out of dodge. It's only a matter of time before the guards release the baddest of the bads into general population, and they are not fond of Sid being a homosexual. If it weren't for this internal clock, we wouldn't get to see Michael take an everyday object and use it to set off a series of events. With just one piece of gum in this episode, Michael once again summons his inner MacGyver and uses to start a fire with a battery, which leads to him to order a pizza to get a message to his son on the other side of the world. All this with just a piece of gum.

'Prison Break' [Credit: Fox]
'Prison Break' [Credit: Fox]

Sara's Subplot Breaks Out

In this episode of , Sara's subplot begins to emerge. We find out that her husband, Jacob (who is in the hospital after being shot in the leg from the previous episode), is actually a well-known economist with a brain. It seems Sara has a type. After an interesting discussion about Michael and game theory, Jacob points out what really motivates Michael: He need to win the game at all costs. Is everyone close to Michael just a piece of his game to be manipulated when he sees fit? Is his ruse as becoming Kaniel Outis just part of a bigger game?

These questions start to answer themselves when Sara sets off to the State Department to get some help. Who does she run into? Dun dun dun! Paul Kellerman, our favorite smarmy Secret Service Agent turned Congressman turned state official. He still has that conspiracy feeling around him — how does he know so much about Michael's current predicament? He does provide a major point about Michael in this episode: Why is he going through such great lengths to become the infamous terrorist Kaniel Outis?

This episode has answered some of our questions, but went ahead and sprouted a few more to keep us interested.

Questions For Episode 3 And Beyond

  • No T-bag in this episode, but will we learn more about his new bionic hand?
  • Why didn't they discuss Frank Burrows?
  • Why is Michael chummy with ISIS baddie Abu Ramal?

Check out more of what we can expect from 'Prison Break' in the coming weeks in the Season 5 trailer below:

What did you think of the first second episode of Prison Break?


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