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One of the great things about Prison Break is watching how Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and his prison gang plan their escape. Sure, it's filled with all sorts of MacGyvering of various items, Michael thinking on the fly, and twists and turns to keep the story moving.

In Episode 3 "The Liar," Michael and his crew get tripped up and have to come up with a new plan.

Behind The Bars

The episode kicks off with one of our little questions answered. Michael is getting his cryptic messages out to Lincoln and C-Note by sending out a paper airplane to a little boy playing outside the prison. The boy delivers the Bubble Gum Man's (Michael) note, and we learn it's a location where Michael is looking for everyone to rendezvous after their escape; the team realizes that Michael wants to break out the nefarious Abu Ramal.

Not only is the clock ticking when it comes to Michael's escape plan, but the tension in the prison is heating up — with an intense scene that involves Ramal rounding up all the "infidels," including Michael's friend Sid. Of course, Michael has a soft spot for anyone that helps him with his escape plans, and asks Ramal to save Sid's life.

Then Michael helps to quell Whip's fears that Michael is just using him for his own advantage. "All these years we’ve been working together — you’ve been able to trust me the whole time,” replies Michael.

Whip is not buying it, and they begin to pummel each other. Michael, always one step ahead, uses this time to sneak a watch off one of the guards who is trying to break up their squabble.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Now we have this watch, and Whip's feelings (and face) are hurt. Michael always has a plan. He knows the guard will come looking for that watch. What did Michael do with that watch? He hid it in Ramal's cell. All this was to create a diversion to keep the guards (and Ramal) away from the planned escape.

But wasn't part of the plan to help Ramal escape? In a conversation between Michael and Whip, we learn that they have been partners for several years. Whip mentions they have been working for the CIA to help plan breakouts for various people in prisons all over the world. He's in this prison to help the government free Ramal. Whip even questions Michael's dual nature: is he Michael or is he Outis?

Deep down, Michael doesn't want Ramal, the world's craziest terrorist, to set foot outside the walls. Too bad, Michael, the plan failed. Now you have angered Ramal — the last guy you want to piss off!

Let's face it, Michael works better when he is under pressure. He always figures out a way to manipulate someone he's managed to irk. We look forward to him bonding with a world-famous terrorist.

Outside The Walls

Michael has his share of problems in Ogygia, and Lincoln and C-Note have problems of their own. After learning that Michael is helping Ramal, Sheba wants out. But all Lincoln has to do is flash his blue eyes and some green cash. What do you know, Sheba is back in because Lincoln offers to pay for everyone's plane tickets.

This group decides to break off: C-Note goes to turn the lights off at the prison, and Lincoln fans the heat with Sheba when they go get some new passports.

Whoops, turns out getting passports in this show is difficult. Sheba and Lincoln get jumped by the eye-patch guy from the previous episode. After Lincoln wakes up from getting knocked out, he runs to Sheba's defense.

Sheba is no defenseless woman. She has quite the mean streak in her: “Please untie me…so I can take your other eye!” Sheba's Knight in Whitest T-Shirt shows up and kills Eye-Patch.

Beyond The Walls

The part of this episode's story I really liked was the unlikely teaming of Sara and T-Bag. T-Bag asks for Sara's help with the whole Michael situation, and shows her his new shiny hand.

Sara, like every other person on the show, is creeped out. But she comes around and they form an alliance. She even asks T-Bag to meet with Kellerman to figure out some more information about Michael.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

This is when we learn the the names of the two hitmen looking to take out Sara: Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict). The worst code names in TV history?

The reason they pop up in this episode is to hack Sara's phone. Sara is no dummy. She visits a cellphone repair shop to see if the guy at the counter can find out who it was that hacked her phone. In reality, she was just baiting our hitmen to see if they would arrive at the store. I guess all those years of being with Michael have rubbed off on her.

We then get another chase scene, and Sara outsmarts the hitmen. Eventually she learns that the hitmen used her own fingerprints to hack into the phone. How did they get her fingerprints? Then it hits her like a pile of bricks: Kellerman! When she visited him in the last episode, he pulled her prints from the glass of water he gave her. That smarmy jerk!

It looks like we got to watch Scofield rethink his plan in the next few episodes. But we still have some questions to ponder.: Who is Poseidon? How will Michael convince Ramal to rejoin his group? And will Lincoln and Sheba ever kiss?

Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox. What did you think of this week's episode?


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