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Prison Break fans have been waiting for eight long years to see the return of Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, and now after much anticipation we have just a few short weeks more to wait!

The fifth season of the show, which will comprise of nine episodes long — one episode shorter than initially planned, due to actor availability — has been confirmed to be premiering on Fox on April 4!

However, not only has the premiere date of the season been announced, but the second official trailer has also been released and shows a whole lot of drama! Take a look at the clip and we'll break it down below:

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Firstly we revisit the events of the original series, with Michael retelling how he "died" seven years ago leaving behind his family, but also saying that "the dead talk if you listen."

We then cut to Michael's young son asking his mom, Sara about his father, and then cut again to T-bag revealing to Lincoln that Michael might just be alive.

T-Bag and Lincoln  [Credit: Fox]
T-Bag and Lincoln [Credit: Fox]

Through a series of clues and hidden messages Lincoln deduces that Michael's imprisoned in Ogygia prison in Yemen.

Interestingly the prison in the series was named after an island mentioned in Homer's The Odyssey, which acted as the inspiration for this season of Prison Break, Michael's long journey home.

Lincoln heads to Yemen in Prison Break [Credit: Fox]
Lincoln heads to Yemen in Prison Break [Credit: Fox]

Eager to find his brother (though slightly unsure whether or not he's actually alive), Lincoln travels to war-torn Yemen where he's reunited with the brother he thought long dead, and promises to break him out of prison.

Michael in a Yemeni prison  [Credit: Fox]
Michael in a Yemeni prison [Credit: Fox]

Then we see a series of quick scenes including T-Bag with a cool new prosthetic hand, Sara uttering some threats while pointing a gun and Michael being viciously beaten by guards. Then it launches into the prison break itself, showing a plan involving a power cut and a quick disappearance by Michael and his allies in the prison.

The group wait as the lights go out in Prison Break [Credit: Fox]
The group wait as the lights go out in Prison Break [Credit: Fox]

However, this time around it looks like the prison isn't the only obstacle for Michael to break out of, with the ultimate challenge being the escape from a foreign country in the middle of a civil war. Mentions of ISIL (also knows as ISIS or IS) before a series of scenes involving bombs and explosions means the situation doesn't look great for Michael and Lincoln's chances.

Explosions over Yemen [Credit: Fox]
Explosions over Yemen [Credit: Fox]

After a dramatic fight, Michael then vows that he's "getting out of this country," and cue dramatic scenes of the group making their escape attempts together:

Oh hell yes, these nine episodes are going to be great.

Prison Break finally returns to Fox on Tuesday, April 4.


Are you excited to see the gang return in Prison Break Season 5?

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