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Tino Jochimsen

If you've seen Les Miserables - and chances are you have (voluntarily or not) - you know that if there is one thing can do particularly well - it is singing. But if there's a second thing the bulking actor does really, really well, it is looking distressed in an extremely teary-eyed sort of way.

The Academy Award nominee does a lot of that in this second trailer for Prisoners. In the thriller, Jackman plays a father who takes the law into his own hands after his daughter gets kidnapped. Problem is that the object of his wrath just might be the wrong man. In short: It's a perfectly fitting situation for getting teary-eyed.

co-stars as the detective doing his utmost to solve the case, while does his best "creepy-Paul-Dano" thing.

Obviously Prisoners doesn't boast the most original of concepts, but the trailer looks more than solid and Canadian director (Incendies) doesn't strike me as a simple gun for hire kind-of-director.

Take a look:


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