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If you read a news headline that says something about professional clowns being upset over the remake hurting their business, and it made you think, Good! They're creepy AF and I don't care!, then you may have seen Stephen King's original It as a kid and it scarred you for life.

And professional clowns everywhere are very, very sad about that.

Okay, so maybe not THAT sad, but they're starting to get pissed, and understandably so.

The trailer for the It remake broke a major record when it came out, hitting 197 million views on the internet in its first 24 hours. According to Forbes, it slaughtered the previous record of 139 million views, held by the Fate of the Furious trailer.

Mel Magazine recently ran an article in which they'd asked a number of professional clowns what they thought about the It remake.

“It’s gonna be bad for clowns.”

-Guilford “Gilly” Adams, L.A.

“It’s ruining our business.”

-Nick “Mr. Nick” Kane, also of L.A.

Another professional soul-eater—clown, I mean clown—Roger “Humpy Pumpy” Fojas, says he's worried that a new wave of paranoia will hit with the new It coming to theaters, and that parents will stop booking clowns for birthday parties. Kane also added that his Yelp page saw a drop in traffic when the trailer came out.

Yes, folks, as insane and outrageous that sounds, it's true.

Clowns have Yelp pages.

More clowning around:

More from Kane:

“We just experienced a nice break from the scary clown meme from last October. And just when things are starting to normalize, the IT trailer comes and it’s like, ‘Here we go again.’”

Prior to the '70s, clowns were generally seen as the bringers of joy, not holy terror, but it all went downhill when people found out a serial killer named John Wayne Gacy liked to entertain the neighborhood kids as Pogo the Clown. At least, that's what he did when he wasn't raping and killing boys and young men.

John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Clown
John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Clown

When you have Gacy, 's book It in 1986 and its 1990 miniseries adaptation, and the 2016 “creepy clown” circus, it's not any surprise why the clown industry is fading away.

It's so, so easy to feel sorry for Gilly, Mr. Nick, Humpy Pumpy and the rest of their clown brothers, but, well...maybe it's just time to find a new profession.

Part one of the It remake hits theaters September 8, 2017! Personally, I'll be dressing up like a clown and being there opening day. In the dark. With balloons. Who's with me?


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