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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

Ever since Gotham's executive producer John Stephens confirmed the resurrection of Jerome Valeska in Season 3, fans have been wondering just how the psychotic character could make a return to the show after he was brutally killed off in the second season. Well, it looks like we finally got our answer when the series returned from its hiatus this past Monday with a brand new episode — aptly entitled "Ghosts" — which revealed just how the show plans to bring back Cameron Monaghan's beloved character.

While some fans are a little annoyed with Jerome's brief appearance in the mid-season premiere, there's no need to fret because it looks like the character will undergo the resurrection process in next week's episode. The jaw-dropping preview for "Smile Like You Mean It" reveals the villainous character in action for the first time since Season 2 and it looks amazing. Check it out below.

Gotham is set to go on another hiatus in a couple of weeks but not before Jerome returns to the show — something that we will see in next week's episode. Dwight Pollard appears to have been successful in his resurrection plan and Jerome is now alive and breathing once more.

However, Jerome's reappearance doesn't put an end to all of the other ongoing storylines, as it appears that Nygma is still hellbent on taking down Penguin from the inside. "Smile Like You Mean It" could very well be Gotham's most explosive episode yet.

Jerome Undergoes That Transformation

Jerome is back with a vengeance. [Via FOX]
Jerome is back with a vengeance. [Via FOX]

It looks like you'd better say goodbye to Jerome's good looks because, next week, the character will undergo a creepy transformation that will leave him looking unrecognizable. What's perhaps most intriguing about this is the fact that his new look is clearly drawing inspiration from 's New 52 comics where cuts of his face and staples it back onto his skull.

Of course this leads us to ask whether or not Jerome has become The Joker? Taking inspiration from the Batman comics is such a surefire way of confirming this suspicion, but with Bruce Wayne only beginning to exhibit signs that he will one day become Batman, it's unlikely that this transformation has taken place just yet. However, Jerome's return pretty much guarantees that he is Gotham's version of The Joker and this transformation will undoubtedly take place at some point.

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Jerome Will Kill Dwight And Take Control Of His Minions

Jerome is the only one in charge. [Via FOX]
Jerome is the only one in charge. [Via FOX]

It was made clear in "Ghosts" that Dwight leads the cult of Jerome and is the one primarily responsible for orchestrating his resurrection. However, as Jerome has so aptly put it in the past, he is the boss. There is only room for one king. Although all of the details are still unclear, it becomes apparent in the above preview that Dwight is wearing Jerome's severed face — this means that Dwight must be the one who cuts it off in the first place.

Dwight is likely trying to experience life from Jerome's shoes, but as I'm sure you've all figured out, Jerome wouldn't be very pleased about this and will likely retaliate.

Dwight can take Jerome's face, but there is only room for one king. [Via FOX]
Dwight can take Jerome's face, but there is only room for one king. [Via FOX]

In one scene, there is clearly tension between the two characters so it's likely that Jerome will kill the man responsible for giving him life so that he can fulfil his mission and take leadership of his cult.

With Jerome in charge of his minions and Dwight out of the way, the destruction and devastation of Gotham can begin. With Penguin preoccupied by Nygma and Bruce by Selina's parental issues, it looks like it's going to be down to someone else to save the city from the laughing maniac.

A City In Need Of A Hero

Who is going to save Gotham from Jerome? [Via FOX]
Who is going to save Gotham from Jerome? [Via FOX]

Gotham takes place in a pre-Batman world and because of this, it's down to law enforcement to maintain law and order in the city. Bafflingly, The Penguin's current reign as Mayor has seen a decrease in organized crime and in addition to this, Gordon has managed to rescue the city from the villains on multiple occasions. However, Gordon's arch nemesis is back and as of yet, there's no Batman to stop him, so who will save the city from Jerome?

Jerome was bad enough when he was going solo, but now that he's amassed an army in his absence, imagine the chaos and catastrophe that he'll be capable of causing now. As always, it'll be down to Jim Gordon to rescue the city from the crazed criminal — let's just hope Jerome doesn't die this time because he's a great character and Monaghan is mesmerising in the role.

He's back and he's better than ever. [Via FOX]
He's back and he's better than ever. [Via FOX]

Jerome Valeska may be an original Gotham character, but it didn't take long for him to become a fan favorite. I know I was heartbroken when he was killed, so I can't wait to see Monaghan back in action. This new three episode arc will explore Jerome's resurrection and his devastation of the city, but will he meet his match again? Will the cops end this circus act or will Jerome succeed and turn Gotham's frown upside down? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. What do you hope to see in next week's episode of Gotham? Tell me in the comment section below.


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