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Dania Lerman

We all know Kristen as the cool and collected super sultry babe who steals the hearts of foxy vampires, rugged werewolves and everyone (/thing) in between.

But here, boys and girls, is PROOF that Kristen's been a killer cutie, drop dead charming femme fatale long before her wild run with the wolves and vamps.

Check out this old Porsche commercial where Kristen puts her charm to use as a dangerously sweet, big-eyed little girl:

Uh oh...Kristen misses the bus!

So she flutters her lashes and hitches a ride with Dad...even then she could make a man do what she wants!

Well look who's loving that Porsche! Beats the pick-up, right Kristen?

Wait...what? Did Kristen just miss the bus again...on purpose?! That cheeky little vixen!

Do you, girl, do you.

Watch the whole commercial here:


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