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It's only been a little over three years since , the beloved buddy-detective comedy about a fake psychic and his best friend/reluctant partner ended its impressive eight-season run on USA Network, but fans have not let up their demand for the underrated hit to return to their screens. But our wait is finally over, as a reunion movie is not only in the works, but also set to begin filming this summer, according to USA's website.

In a Q&A at the Indiana Comic-Con, actor , who played recurring antagonist Pierre Despereaux on Psych, was innocently asked by a fan if the character on the show was a con man or a thief, and Elwes' response sent fans into a frenzy:

"It's a good question, and I believe it all will be revealed in the film that we're making this summer. We're reuniting in July to make some organized chaos."

USA announced within two weeks of Elwes' comments that they indeed are working on a reunion movie set to premiere on the network in December, just in time for the holidays.

Despite receiving the axe in February 2014, a little over a month prior to the series finale, USA Network never truly closed the door on its darling detective comedy, saying in the cancellation announcement that "while the series will wrap in March, somehow I don't believe we've heard the last of Shawn and Gus." Not only did this leave the possibility of a reunion possible, but it also helped keep the fanbase alive long enough for any potential future reboot to be a success.

[Credit: USA Network]
[Credit: USA Network]

The series finale of Psych saw protagonist Shawn () deciding to conclude his fake psychic consulting days at the Santa Barbara Police Department and go to San Francisco to reunite with romantic partner and former SPBD Detective Juliet (), leaving behind his best friend/partner Gus (), as well as his father Henry (), Woody the coroner (), and newly appointed SBPD Chief Lassiter (). However, Gus catches up to Shawn in San Francisco and they agree to move the Psych office to the Bay Area city. As Shawn proposes to Juliet at a crime scene, his grandmother's ring is stolen, resulting in a (non-concluded) car chase after the thief.

USA included in their announcement the minor plot details about the film, saying that the film will take place three years after the series finale, in which we see Shawn and Gus reuniting with many old cast members during the holidays to solve the mystery behind an assailant targeting the old gang. Though mainstays Lassiter, Juliet, Henry and Chief Vick are set to return, there have been no specifics as to which recurring characters will appear in the series, aside from Elwes' Pierre Despereaux.

[Credit: USA Network]
[Credit: USA Network]

Filming for the reunion movie is set to begin on May 24, but audiences can also catch Hill on season seven of the USA lawyer drama, Suits, which premieres this July.

Are you psyched for the Psych reunion movie? What were some of your favorite moments from the original show? Let us know in the comments below!

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