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Marvel's Netflix shows have eagerly embraced social media. Each series has its own official Twitter account, and sometimes those accounts will even stay in-character. That's led to a lot of real humor for fans of The Defenders, with the official Jessica Jones account in particular offering a string of snarky tweets.

Today, it was the Punisher's turn. The Punisher's Twitter account released a string of strange, coded messages, leaving fans amused as they swiftly recognized Morse Code:

With 13 messages in total, it didn't take fans long to deduce that had just released the official episode titles — in a wonderfully creative way! So here are the apparent titles:

  • 3 AM
  • Two Dead Men
  • Kandahar
  • Resupply
  • Gunner
  • The Judas Goat
  • Crosshairs
  • Cold Steel
  • Front Toward Enemy
  • Virtue of the Viscious
  • Danger Close
  • Home
  • Memento Mori

What Do The Titles Reveal?

It's clear that The Punisher will carry on where Daredevil Season 2 left off, with the series continuing to explore Frank Castle's personal history. Episode 3, for example, is entitled "Kandahar" — and that's going to have fans thrilled. Back in Daredevil, Ray Schoonover asked Castle:

"It's about what happened with you. With all of us. Kandahar. You think they would ever let that go?"

The has reinvented the Punisher as a veteran who served in Afghanistan. Evidently his Afghan tour included time spent in Kandahar, and Castle's unit became involved in something very dark and very dangerous. So much so that Schoonover claimed everything that happened to Castle — including the death of his family — was about Kandahar. It's clear that the Punisher believes Schoonover's claim, and is still searching for the truth.

This also helps us understand the role Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page will play. In the MCU, she's been retooled as an investigative journalist, and she's already proved to be sympathetic to the Punisher's plight. It's likely that she'll work with Castle to uncover the truth — and that will likely put Karen in the line of fire once again...

The Judas Goat

Another intriguing title is "The Judas Goat." In farming, a Judas goat is a trained animal that leads sheep to the slaughter. It seems likely that this episode sees the Punisher force one criminal to lead others to him. Of course, while farmers may spare their Judas goat so they can use it next time, it wouldn't be too surprising to see the Punisher renege on any promise to spare a criminal's life!

So there you have it, Marvel fans; the House of Ideas has just revealed the episode titles for The Punisher. The arc is clearly going to run straight on from Daredevil Season 2, as Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle finally uncovers the conspiracy of Kandahar. Why did his family wind up in the line of fire back on that tragic day in Central Park? What dark evils will the Punisher and Karen Page discover?

We don't yet have an official release date for The Punisher, but the show is expected to air in November. We don't have long to wait for answers!


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