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Following his scene-stealing role in Netflix's Daredevil, Frank Castle is coming to wreak havoc on the criminal underworld in his own spinoff. Season 2 gave us a glimpse at the character's tactical armor, but we've been eagerly anticipating to see Frank in his iconic skull uniform.

Aside from a batch of set pictures that surfaced a few months ago, has kept the look of the character secret. Last week, for example, Netflix released the first official trailer for the show — while it gave us plenty of glimpses at our favorite psychopathic anti-hero fighting baddies, his costume was nowhere in sight.

Fortunately for us diehard geeks, that veil of mystery has finally been lifted. Marvel and have released our first official look at Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) in costume, and it's incredible:

[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]

Mean expression? Check. Fists ready to bash someone's face in? Check. Battered appearance? Check... Yep, that's definitely The Punisher. I love the fact that he actually looks scary. Trust me, if I saw this guy walking down the street, I would run the other way and never look back.

Blending Practicality With Flashiness

Comic book adaptations have been getting more and more grounded, and as a result, over-the-top superhero costumes can't be there just because. There needs to be a practical reason for their existence. That's no different here. This isn't so much as a costume as it is an armor, so let's take a closer look at its various trinkets.

Unlike in the comics, Frank isn't wearing spandex. Instead, he's sporting a military vest that looks like it could stop a thick knife in close combat, and it's also quite crafty. It has several pouches for magazines and even a couple of holsters for keeping smaller weapons handy.

As for the lower section, there isn't much to it at first glance. He's just sporting a pair of tactical pants. Looking at their bagginess however, there's probably padding underneath. That's smart. If bad guys can't take him down by shooting at his torso, you can bet they'll start aiming for his legs.

Overall, the costume is incredible, and it's a great adaptation of an outfit that could have easily looked silly for a character as aggressive and realistic as The Punisher. I can't wait to see Frank in action while wearing it.

The Punisher will hit Netflix this November.

What did you think about our first official look at the Punisher costume? Is there anything you'd change? Let me know in the comments!


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