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Karen Page has always had a soft spot for New York’s mad and weary. For most of her Netflix stint, she’s been low-key in love with Matthew Murdock — pro bono lawyer by day, skull-cracking Daredevil by night. She's also a known sympathizer of tireless vigilantes, having been saved by the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen at least five times (once as Matt Murdock during the assault at the DA’s office) and by The at least thrice.

Unafraid of breaking the law herself in the name of truth and justice, she’s assisted in their crusades more than once (often without their explicit knowledge), and as journalist, even written an article in honor of them and “the hero in all of us.” Over time, she’s learned to put her faith in these masked defenders, whether she agrees with their methods or not.

In particular, she’s befriended Matt and Castle, having been romantically involved with the former and having recently forged a friendship with the latter. Following Murdock’s apparent withdrawal from society in however, it seems Karen has somehow moved on — to the other vigilante she’s still got left. With Daredevil presumed dead, her old mentor long gone and old friend and associate Foggy Nelson tied up in a new firm, the Bulletin’s newest recruit is presumably lonely. She's perhaps seeking family after the double loss of hers, and who should come to her aid but Frank Castle — a kindred spirit she’s recently met, and like Karen, he's grieving and alone, lost and abandoned.

Netflix just released a second trailer for The Punisher, and it's as gory as it is bittersweet and awesome. Part of the premise also involves Castle and Page gradually warming up to each other, possibly leading to another team-up — or more.

At the 1:50 mark, we see Frank and Karen on the floor, surrounded by debris and several inches apart. Karen looks wounded. In the ensuing chaos, Castle reaches up and caresses her cheek. He stares at her in much the same way Matt did back at the end of Season 2, before he and Elektra faced up against the Hand.

It’s only for a second, but it will tug at your heartstrings like nothing else will. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

Finally A Release Date

Netflix has been teasing The Punisher since forever, but it’s only recently we get a release date. The show was notably delayed this month at the wake of the Las Vegas shooting as pays its respects to the victims, most having been gunned down in a similar fashion by a man just like Frank Castle.

Castle’s first solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might subtly retcon his origin story (that already began in ) and will feature iconic characters from the comics such as Micro (played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and Jigsaw (played by Ben Barnes). Deborah Ann Woll reprises her role as legal secretary-turned-investigative journalist Karen Page, and may or may not be Castle’s newest love interest in the .

Marvel’s The Punisher will premiere globally on Netflix on November 17. Will you be watching?


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