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Connor Griffin

My name is Connor Griffin, and I am a Sophomore at Temple University, studying Film and Media Arts. I have been making short films for 9 years, and Putting Out The Fires is my latest project. This film has a strange history with varying influences. Originally I was inspired by classic spy movies like James Bond to create a film about two CIA agents who discover a stone with incredible power, and must fight to keep it away from other organizations. After several months we ran into road blocks and I completely rethought the idea. We couldn’t do CIA agents with such young actors, so the story was retooled into one about high school kids, and the stone was kept, but now it allows people to read minds. As I developed a new story around this mind-reading stone, thing began to morph further away from its roots into a character drama about a guy and his sister coping with the loss of their step-father. Elements of the drama were influenced by the MTV film Disconnected, which deals with the difficult topic of teen suicide. Once filming was underway, some of the visual style was taken from off-kilter films like Punch Drunk Love, such as the use of extremely long takes (several times in my film takes will go on for nearly 30 seconds or more).

It was quite a strange process getting the film to the point that it is today, but the end result is something quite unique, and I hope everyone will enjoy this experiment along with me.

Ethan's life is transformed by a mysterious stone that allows him to read people's minds. Using his new-found power, he must guide the lost souls that surround him.

This movie has been such a strange and incredible journey. What began a year ago as a short mini-series about two CIA agents finding a stone with incredible power has transformed over several rewrites into a completely different film that deals with the meaning of life, power, and relationships with others. In many ways the character of Ethan can be seen as more of an observer among a cast of characters in which everyone else seems to be lost or otherwise incomplete. Through the stone, Ethan helps these other characters complete themselves. It's been a long journey and I hope you enjoy the end result.



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