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Starz wasn't fooling around when they promised that The White Princess would be all about girl power and politics. If the first three episodes have proven anything, it's that Lizzie is on the way to finally getting the upper hand.

After marrying Henry Tudor, Lizzie has been forcefully separated from her mother — The White Queen Elizabeth Woodville — and has given birth to the Lancaster/York heir, inching her way into King Henry's trust.

Now we've got an exclusive clip from next The White Princess episode, 'The Pretender,' in which Lizzie teaches Margaret a thing or two about her power. Check it out:

'The Pretender' is the fourth episode of the 8-episode miniseries, and it will bring all sorts of war into the fold. On one hand, Margaret has been stripping Lizzie of power any way she can — imprisoning her mother and stealing Lizzie's sister, Cecily, to her cause. But now Lizzie is Queen and, as such, she'll make damn sure she's heard and obeyed.

Margaret is setting up the young prince Arthur to marry Catherine of Aragon, but Lizzie is having none of it. As Queen, she believes she's entitled to choose her own son's bride — as well as a husband to her cousin Maggie — although she cares little who her sister Cecily gets to marry.

While Lizzie plays match-making with Margaret, Henry will be fighting for his crown. Burgundy is intent on deposing Henry (or at least, making him earn his crown), and Margaret of Burgundy will certainly try to raise havoc right at Henry's doorstep. But, since Richard III was the last King of England to actually have died on a battlefield, it seems Lizzie's plea for Henry to not join in the battle will prevail.

'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]
'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]

Lizzie and Henry had quite the earnest conversation in the previous episode and, while there was a lot of talk about love and murder plots, it was clear that both the king and queen are ready to forge a new path for England together. Margaret, the King's mother, has clearly downplayed Lizzie more than once, and now the new Queen is keen on setting the record straight about who's actually got the power.

If history is anything to go by, Lizzie and Margaret will likely be at odds for a long time but, at least for now, there's a new owner to the Queen's rooms.

The White Princess episode 'The Pretender' airs next Sunday at 8PM, on Starz.


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