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Following the negative backlash that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword received, Charlie Hunnam could have been tempted to lose himself in the City of Z for good. Instead though, the Sons of Anarchy star has revealed that he would like to revisit swords of a different nature in a Queer As Folk reunion.

Long before Hunnam explored the Pacific Rim, Charlie kickstarted his career with TV's first anilingus scene in the premiere of Channel 4's Queer As Folk. Starring three gay men searching for love and sex on Manchester's club scene, the original Queer As Folk remains a benchmark for the representation of gay men on TV, even though the show found success with an American remake.

Hunnam Wants To Reunite The Folk

Together with King Arthur co-star Aidan Gillen, Hunnam introduced UK viewers to an illicit romance between 15-year-old Nathan Maloney and 29-year-old Stuart Allen Jones, changing the landscape of gay TV forever.

Those who hoped that the pair would privately play around with Excalibur some more in King Arthur may have been left feeling somewhat disappointed. However, 17 years after Queer As Folk came off the air, Charlie Hunnam has now revealed that he would go again in a reunion of the groundbreaking show.

During an interview with The Sun, Hunnam explained that:

“I’d be game for a reunion. It’s a long time ago, I’m an old b****** now — that was 20 years ago.”

Released back in 1999, Queer As Folk paved the way for a more honest and uncensored portrayal of homosexuality, courting countless complaints and controversy with its explicit sex scenes. Hunnam may identify as straight, but the opportunities that his breakout role in Queer As Folk provided aren't lost on the star:

“When I’m back in England, people still recognise me as Nathan. It was the beginning of my career, so I have very fond memories of it. I’m very proud of being a part of that show. I’m very happy when people bring it up. I’m just surprised because it was so long ago.”

Anyone who experienced their sexual awakening after seeing Hunnam on Queer As Folk shares the star's great memories of the show too, but is that all they are now? Just memories?

Will There Ever Be A Queer As Folk Reunion?

A few years ago, long before Hunnam pulled out his sword in King Arthur, the original producers of Queer As Folk discussed the possibility of a reunion actually happening.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman suggested that a new season of Queer As Folk could be on the cards:

"We'd be open to it, depending on the venue of a reboot. I think what would be interesting would be to explore out characters who are now in their '40s and bringing in a new generation and seeing how that mix would go."

Fans of the original show should be pleased to hear that Cowen and Lipman would rather create a sequel of sorts than simply reboot the show with new characters, paving the way for Hunnam to return as an older, unfathomably ripped version of Nathan.

Hunnam may not be the only one ready for a reunion either. Craig Kelly rose to fame after playing Vince Tyler in the first two seasons of Queer As Folk, but hasn't done much since, so we imagine that he may be interested in a revival. Furthermore, during his interview with The Sun, Charlie explained how his respect for co-star Gillan hasn't diminished after all these years:

“I always felt like I owed him a grand debt of gratitude. I really thanked him for the impact he had on me. He thought I was mad but I felt it deeply.”

We can't think of a better way for Hunnam to show his gratitude than to star with Gillan in a new Queer As Folk sex scene, one that could even rival that rimming scene from the show's first episode. We may have lost out on seeing try out some bondage in 50 Shades Of Grey, but that doesn't mean the world should be deprived of those abs forever.

Unfortunately though, producers Cowan and Lipman revealed that no one has approached them yet regarding the possibility of a Queer As Folk revival. However, now that Hunnam is potentially on board, we may still see the star appear in a spiritual sequel of sorts to Pacific Rim, one that features monsters of the one-eyed variety instead.


Should Charlie Hunnam star in a Queer As Folk reunion?

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, The Sun. Poll Image Credit: Channel 4)


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