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October 11 was National Coming Out Day, but you can still carry on the queer celebrations throughout this month with a lil' music. LGBTQ+ visibility in all aspects of media matters, and music videos are no exception. You've probably seen some of these videos or heard of the songs and artists, but hey, you can never listen to your favorite music enough, right? Lord knows I'm a big proponent of rewatching music videos over and over until I know every shot.

Here's just a handful of the dozens upon dozens of videos out there that celebrate different sexual orientations, gender identities, and forms of personal expression.

12. Hayley Kiyoko — 'Girls Like Girls'

One of the most simple yet moving music videos currently out there. Hayley Kiyoko is a phenomenal artist and just as great of a director. Get it, girl. This song is one of those "rinse and repeat" videos (at least for yours truly). Replay this shit.

11. Panic! At The Disco — 'Girls/Girls/Boys'

This song and video has me panicking like no other. Is it a jam? Absolutely. Also I spy with my lil' eye a naked Brendon Urie. Yes/Yes/Yes.

10. Arcade Fire — 'We Exist'

Problematic casting when a cisgender man plays a transgender woman, I know. This has been a major issue in Hollywood for quite some time and has only recently been brought into the mainstream discussion despite being talked about within the queer community for eons. As trans actress Laverne Cox said at the Emmys earlier this year, "Give trans talent a shot." Shout it from the rooftops, a little louder for the people in the back, etc.

9. Avicii — 'Addicted To You'

The lesbian Bonnie & Clyde you never knew you wanted but now desperately need. This song is SUCH a jam, the leading ladies are lovely, and the DP certainly deserves kudos for this one. Any talk of a feature film? Please? Just take my money now.

8. Brendan Maclean — 'Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)'

When this video first dropped, I was obsessed. So obsessed. Also, beyond stoked considering I've loved Brendan since his "Stupid" music video came out a few years back. That one is also a jam and the lyrics are pretty incredible. Before you fall in love with that song, check out this video first.

7. Devonté Hynes & Neneh Cherry — 'He She Me'

This video explores ideas of what it means to be agender. The back-and-forth flow between masculinity and femininity is shown throughout with stunning, intricate choreography and a beautiful array of diversity that blend together seamlessly. Lest we forget — which we should absolutely not — gender fluidity and non-binary identities are just as valid as any other.

6. Troye Sivan — 'Blue Neighborhood Trilogy'

Sweet, baby angel. Honestly, who doesn't love this guy? Just another breakthrough artist, but one who definitely deserves more views and recognition for his talent. Here's all three parts in one for y'all and it's worth every minute.

5. Bat For Lashes — 'Laura'

I'll avoid spoilers, but this song/video is mesmerizing and so beautifully made. Be right back, I have to go search for the rest of the album immediately.

4. MNDR — 'Feed Me Diamonds'

Any fans of RuPaul's Drag Race? First off, you should be. Second, if you're not, go binge a season right now. Here's a video featuring Raven, the show's Season 2 finalist. Girl is killin' it here — feed me diamonds, please.

3. Jenny Lewis — 'Just One Of The Guys'

Anne Hathaway will always have my heart. Also a massive shout-out to the cutie patootie, Kristen Stewart (or K-Stew, what have you). Both the lyrics and visuals leave me lookin' like the heart-eyed emoji. Slow cap it out for this slow jam.

2. Mary Lambert — 'She Keeps Me Warm'

This song (and video) still keeps me coming back for more; I just can't get enough. That damn Mary is cute beyond cute, as is her female counterpart. Don't we all want to meet our special somebody at a cafe or coffee shop? Especially a cute barista? That's a fanfic fantasy, but I'm sure it's also a real-life one for a lot of us.

1. Hozier — 'Take Me To Church'

Y'all knew this one was coming. Always worth a rewatch/replay, but how on earth is this already three years old?

*Honorable mention: Miley Cyrus's 2015 "Backyard Sessions" for her wonderful Happy Hippie Foundation! Here are two highlights that I absolutely adore:

'Androgynous' (Cover)

Honestly, all of Miley's backyard session videos give me so much life. These are times where she really shines and blows me out of the water. Also, it doesn't get much better than Joan Jett and Laura Jane Grace, does it? Answer: nope.

'True Trans Soul Rebel' (Cover)

This one is such a freakin' jam. "Rinse and repeat" the shit outta anything with Laura Jane Grace, but this cover in particular is stellar. Love everyone involved.

What are some music videos y'all like that depict different orientations, genders, or perhaps play around with gender roles? Anything like those above? Let me know and share your thoughts! Learning about new music is magical experience.


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