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, the man behind Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Red State, is once more up to no good: the filmmaker is currently working on a weird tale titled Tusk, based on a really strange true story.

The premise is simple: a man (played by ) is stranded out at sea for six months, with the sole companionship of a walrus. Once he returns home, he embarks on the search for a suitable roommate; only problem is, all applicants are required to wear a walrus costume for two hours a day and act like the amiable sea mammals. Smith himself summed it up thusly:

It's a cuddly version of 'The Human Centipede.'

So Mr. Smith, writing for the [Hollywood Reporter], (, has just shared that he offered a role in this film to cult director , as a detective guy called Guy Lapointe. Unfortunately, Quentin didn't feel up to it:

QT said he dug the script and couldn't wait to watch (Michael) Parks let loose his internal Kraken, but he had no interest in acting at the moment. It was a bummer, as having Q in the mix would've been poetic.

Smith also elaborated on why he hired SFX wiz to supervise the visual effects of this conceptually interesting monster movie:

On the podcast, I'd suggested reaching out to special effects wizard Greg Nicotero. I was one letter off: Greg is the N in the legendary gore-makers KNB EFX Group. But with the N wrapped up in directing The Walking Dead, I went to the K -- as in Robert Kurtzman. The SFX icon who dreamed up the very flick that introduced me to Michael Parks -- 'From Dusk Till Dawn.' The man who made the 'Army of Darkness' march now runs a company called Creature Corps out of Ohio. I sent him the script and he sent me chilling designs for a walrus suit. After talking about it and writing about it, I could finally see what the human-walrus was going to look like. And holy fuck, was it nasty! That's when I realized we weren't making a horror movie; clearly, we were making a monster movie!

What's your take? Looking forward to what promises to be a grotesque, way-out fetish-derangement flick?

I, for one, most certainly am.

Tusk premieres in January 2014.


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