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not only has a penchant for directing controversial movies, he also compiles... interesting top ten lists. While they feature some critically well-liked movies, they also tend to contain less obvious choices. Last year, for instance, the filmmaker chose 's The Three Musketeers as his tenth favorite film of 2011. While there's no accounting for taste, The Three Muskeeters (Rotten Tomatoes score : 23 %) sure must be considered a left-field choice. Then again: what do critics know (still... The Three Musketeers?)!

So let's see what Mr. Tarantino liked so far in 2013 (via The Quentin Tarantino Archives):

  • Afternoon Delight directed by

  • Before Midnight by

  • Blue Jasmine by

  • The Conjuring by

  • Drinking Buddies by

  • Frances Ha by

  • Gravity by

  • Kick-Ass 2 by

  • The Lone Ranger by

  • This Is the End by ,

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