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In case you missed it when the news first came out, let me catch you up to what was announced a few weeks ago: fans will be pleased that the long-time filmmaker will be receiving the Lumiere Award on October 18th at this year's Lumiere Film Festival.

Organizers praised Tarantino's "radiant passion for cinema" and stated the award was to be a reflection of and tribute to his career:

Although worldwide audiences know his films by heart, Tarantino, who is just coming off a great success with 'Django Unchained', remains a filmmaker whose work is personal, unique, brilliant and mysterious.

The Lumiere Award is, granted, a bit arbitrary in its selection process, being awarded to those filmmakers judged by a criteria of career achievement, recognition among their peers, and admiration in the film industry. Basically, it is a lifetime achievement award for those who aren't nearly close to nearing the end of said lives.

The Lumiere Festival, which is held each fall in Lyon and focuses on classical films, will celebrate its fifth year in October. Cannes film festival director Thierry Fremaux is the head of the niche festival.

Past recipients of the Lumiere Award have been (2009), (2010), (2011) and (2012).


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