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Alisha Grauso

First off, let me admit to this freely: I'm going to try very, very hard not to let my disdain for Justin Bieber seep through as I'm writing this. But I can't promise anything.

That being said, the often-troubled singer may have done something that is impossibly stupid, even for him, and has posted a pic of what looks to be an awful lot like cocaine to his Instagram.

The below image was posted, along with the caption, "@poobearmdma whatcha got in your hand."

I'm not even going to touch the grammar of his caption.

Now, while it's not entirely certain that what's in Poo Bear's hand is cocaine, it definitely appears to be a bag of white powder. Combine that with the unamused expression on Poo Bear's face, and the fact his handle contains a reference to molly, and it's almost impossible to pretend it's anything other than drugs.

Oh...and the photo was almost soon pulled from Instagram, most likely by an angry PR rep who asked Justin just what the HELL he thought he was doing.

Between the car wrecks, the DUIs, the fighting with paparazzi, peeing in restaurant mop buckets, hanging out with known cocaine smugglers, and otherwise being an eff-up of epic proportions, Justin Bieber deserves all the slow claps we can give him right now.



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