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The Walking Dead may have dragged out these past couple of episodes yet the mid-season finale managed to break that trend and closed out with a bang. A lot of loose ends were tied up but more questions were raised and fans are dying to find out the answers. Unfortunately for all of us, we have to wait a whopping two months until returns. Until then, let's discuss some of the largest questions raised in 'Hearts Still Beating.'

5. What Do The Saviors Plan On Doing With Eugene?


After Negan revealed Spencer's guts to the world, Rosita snapped and attempted to shoot Negan in the head but in the end, she actually ended up shooting Lucille - and Negan was pissed. He almost immediately noticed that the bullet which almost passed through his head was made from scratch. Once he found out that Eugene was the one who crafted the bullet, he brought Eugene along with him back to the Saviors camp.

Negan took Eugene not just because he was pissed that he crafted a bullet that almost killed him but that he will be a valuable resource for him. The Saviors, like any other group, don't have an unlimited supply of ammo and Eugene is a key player in revitalizing some of their ammo - which will definitely come in handy in the back half of the season when all hell breaks loose. It is debatable whether or not "Haircut" will make it out of this dilemma alive or not, but one thing for sure is that the Saviors will torture the bullet formula from Eugene if they have to.

4. Will Maggie Take Over As The "President" Of The Hilltop?


In tonight's episode, we see that the Hilltop is very grateful for the service that Maggie and Sasha did for them by saving their camp from a mob of walkers. The members sent them various gifts, such as apple pie, and Sasha and Enid joked around about how Maggie should run for president of the Hilltop. Truthfully, I believe that will for sure happen by the end of the season (except for the part where she "runs").

Maggie's character is only going to grow stronger as after she gives birth to her first child. After that, she will be able to take on the responsibilities of leader at the Hilltop. On top of the fact that the Hilltop members don't deserve to have a worthless leader like Gregory, he and his creepy ways probably won't be around too much longer. Hopefully he'll be added to this list soon:

When Gregory eventually meets the fate he deserves, this will leave the perfect opportunity for Maggie to step up as a leader.

3. Will Carol Join The Resistance?


Carol has quietly holed up in her house for quite a while now, wanting to be left alone and separate from any sort of drama or conflict taking place outside what she now calls her home. When Richard comes to speak to Carol and Morgan about standing up and fighting for freedom against the Saviors, Carol didn't seem very interested. However, this should change very quickly.

Right now, Carol and Morgan are totally unaware of all of the conflict her old friends have had with the Saviors — all the way back to Glenn and Abraham getting Lucille'd. Looking at next episode's promo as a reference, it seems like both Carol and Morgan will be reunited with Rick, Daryl, and the rest of their friends:

Obviously, they'll learn of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham and the rest of the disasters that have taken place. The death of Glenn alone will convince Carol to join the resistance and fight as they had been together since Season 1. Carol does not see the threat of the Saviors yet, but when her eyes are peeled wide open, she will have no choice but to head into battle.

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2. Will Alexandria and The Kingdom Join Forces Against The Saviors? What About Other Groups?


At the end of 'Hearts Still Beating,' we see the majority of Rick's gang reunite at the Hilltop to begin their plan to defeat and the Saviors, then find the Kingdom. Morgan will most likely introduce Rick to King Ezekiel, who will try and convince the king of the Hilltop to join alliances so they can fight for their freedom. I do believe they will make a concord and together, they will brawl with the Saviors.

Potential allies in the war vs. Negan and the Saviors:

  • Team Alexandria
  • Team Kingdon
  • Team Hilltop
  • Team Oceanside

However, will the Kingdom be the only group involved in the war? One other rather obvious choice would be the Hilltop, which would only add more soldiers (smaller, less significant characters) to the battle. Also, we were introduced to a new group named the Oceanside a few weeks ago. If things begin to get desperate, Tara could return to the all-female community and persuade them to aid her group in battle as they have been hurt by the Saviors as well (the Saviors killed all of the Oceanside's men).

1. Who Is Spying On Alexandria?


A potential new enemy may have just been introduced to the show. The mysterious, booted person we saw earlier spying on Rick and Aaron retrieving supplies is most likely the same mystery person we saw sneak up on Father Gabriel in the last scene of the mid-season finale. So who is this person?

Some fans believe this is a member of the Whisperers, a bloodthirsty group from the comics. However, it is way too early to be introducing such a big threat - especially on the brink of an all-out war. One person who could be sneaking around is Cindy from the Oceanside group, making sure that Alexandria is a community that can be trusted. One really spectacular (yet very unlikely) twist that I would love to see unfold is the Governor being the mysterious creeper. We never saw him finished off, and if we have learned one thing from TV shows and movies, it's that if we don't see the person die on screen, they are never truly dead and it's no different for .


What question are you dying to have answered when "The Walking Dead" returns?


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