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MAJOR SPOILERS for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them ahead — if you've not seen the movie yet, jump in a suitcase, bury your face in a Graphon's slimy tentacles and stay there.

However, for those of you who've already accio'd your asses to the theater, and are now brimming with questions about our first foray into a whole new world of , conflicts, witchcraft and wizardry, please join us as we discuss the topics we now desperately want the answers to.

1. Why Did Newt And Leta Lestrange Part Ways?

By the end of Fantastic Beasts you'll know that before Tina came , the former lady-friend-cum-Hogwarts study buddy of (Eddie Redmayne) and though they no longer talk, for some reason she's still dear to him. But why? Could their fall out be something to do with her family backing Grindelwald's "greater good" rhetoric? Or maybe Newt's expulsion from Hogwarts has something to do with it?

2. What Happened To The Real Percival Graves?

At the movies climax it's revealed that Gellert Grindelwald () has been masquerading as Director of Magical Security, Percival Graves () in an attempt to obtain the immense power of an . But then what happened to the real Percival Graves? Was he kidnapped, trapped inside a magical case somewhere, Mad-Eye Moody style? Was he killed? Or — ding ding, time — maybe, he decided to rebel against the constrictions of the MACUSA and shared his identity with Grindelwald willingly to aid the wizard's rise to power.

3. How Do You Extract An Obscurus From The Living?

Is that something you can even do? Through Fantastic Beasts we learn that, in a nutshell, an Obscurus is the dark manifestation of a wizards power — usually found in a young witch or wizard who either didn't have an outlet (like Hogwarts) to actualize their magical ability, or tried to bury their power within themselves. We also learn that, for the most part, when an Obscurus bursts from a young wizard, they usually die.

However, the "I can help you" manner in which Newt approaches 's Creedence suggests that separating a person from an Obscurus is indeed possible — if only you can calm them down enough to get close.

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4. What's Behind Newt and Dumbledore's Friendship?

The son of a hippogriff breeder, Newt's affection for magical creatures stems from birth and, as it turns out was also the reason for his expulsion from Hogwarts — apparently he somehow endangered the life of another student with a beast. Interestingly he always claimed that the incident was an accident and that he was taking the wrap for someone else, and (a Transfiguration teacher at the time) campaigned hardcore against the expulsion.

But why would Dumbledore bother? Was Newt simply one of his favorite students, or was the Hogwarts headmaster-to-be privy to a detail currently unknown to us. My money is on the latter, but what could that be?

5. What Did Newt's Brother Do To Become A War Hero?

While addressing the magical congress at MACUSA, a crowd member acknowledges that Newt is the younger brother of the "War Hero," Theseus Scamander. However, his biography simply states that Thesus was a powerful Auror for the British Ministry of Magic, with no mention of his involvement in "the war."

One would assume they refer to the muggle military conflict lasting from 1914 till 1918, in which thousands of wizards discreetly provided aid when possible. During this time there was a minor fury surrounding Henry Potter (probably Harry's great-great grandfather) as he publicly condemned the Minister of Magic for attempting to prohibit the aforementioned muggle-aid. And, if Theseus is anything like his brother, he might have backed Henry on this cause.

So, while what Theseus had to do to be deemed a "War Hero" is unknown, this could be a direct link to the story arc.

6. Where Was All The Magic?

Let's be real, this question is the reason you're all here: Why are Wizards bothering with silly things like boats and floating chairs when they can levitate, apparate and have things like portkeys knocking around? Honestly, why on earth would you want to spend a month on a stinky ship from England to America when you could just paw an old boot and be there in a jiffy? And, when she could've pulled a little "Accio" out of the bag, why is there a whole scene dedicated to Tina chasing a flying cockroach?

Really, the wizarding world's wide catalogue of spells seem to be pretty underused in Fantastic Beasts. Sure, they apparate from time to time, unlock some doors and whathaveyou, and Tina and Queenie knock up a decent magical strudel, but for me the film was disappointingly lacking as far as cool, patronus-esque, charms were concerned.

7. Will The Female Characters Develop In Fantastic Beasts 2?

American witch and former Auror, Porpentina Goldstein, and her younger sister Queenie are Fantastic Beasts's primary female characters, yet the reason for their presence throughout the narrative can be boiled down to one simple, and unfortunate, point: They have the hots for the male leads.

While you can argue that Tina is shadowing Newt because he's in the center of all the drama and she's eager to prove that she can still do her job, that motivator takes a turn for the transparent when she encourages (or forces) the guys to stay in her apartment, whips up a magic meal and brings them cocoa in bed, before chasing them around New York. And though Queenie "I'm a sexy witch" Goldstein is far more blatant with her intentions — though her telepathic skills do come in handy when uncovering more matters of the heart — it's still a little disappointing that the prime reason these chicks are around is so they can pander to the men. Come on J.K., these are kickass witches, show us what they can do!

Do you have any questions for Fantastic Beasts?

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