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Spoilers follow for Prison Break: Resurrection Episode 4 "The Prisoner's Dilemma."

If you thought the reboot of was just humming along without any twists and turns, then you'll be amazed at how Episode 4 had us white-knuckling the hell out of our seat cushions one moment, then smothering our tears in them later on. Here's a recap of this episode's major moments.

1. If You Want Out Of Hell, You Have To Work With The Devil

Abu Ramal [Credit: Fox]
Abu Ramal [Credit: Fox]

Let's face it, Michael Scofield always ends up working with the baddest people in PB. Now that he is stuck in the cell next to Abu Ramal, he better find a way out before the prisoners break in and use Ramal for trade-bait. Don't worry, Michael always has a Plan B. He tells his prison buddies about the time he spent in solitary, and marked the corner of a wall with an "S." In order for his plan to work, this has to be a two-man job. He has everyone look around their cells for a stone block with a "S" carved in it, and guess who has the block: Ramal. Now it is up to Michael to convince Ramal that they have to work together.

Outside solitary confinement, one of the prisoners is starting a mob to get Ramal out so he can use him to barter for the other prisoners' lives. It's a numbers game as Michael and company are outnumbered by the prisoners hanging around outside solitary. Ramal is wise enough to know which choice to make, and decides to work with Michael. After some MacGyvering with a spoon and rope found behind the block, Ramal loosens the bolts on Michael's cell door. And the crew is off running before the prisoners break in to capture Ramal.

As Michael escapes with his buddies, he plans a little squabble with Ja. After a little tussle, he passes a note to Ja about where to find some guns. At this point, Michael doesn't trust Ramal. Guess what? Ramal doesn't trust Michael either; one step ahead, he has his soldiers surround Michael. With Ramal's knife digging into Michael's neck, Lincoln (with his bright white T-shirt) shows up to save the day. And Whip ends up killing Ramal. Remember, Michael's goal was to free Ramal. So now what he is supposed to do?

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2. T-Bag Confronts Kellerman

T-Bag has questions for Kellerman [Credit: Fox]
T-Bag has questions for Kellerman [Credit: Fox]

Who knew that T-Bag would have such an aversion to kale? After spending all that time in jail, I bet a kale shake would taste amazing compared to that prison food. As T-Bag (Robert Knepper) shakes down Paul Kellerman about Poseidon, Kellerman tells the truth: he is not behind the assassination attempts to kill Sara. Instead, Poseidon is a code name for a rogue CIA agent that is in charge of Michael Scofield. If that isn't enough to convince T-Bag, maybe the bullet wounds in Kellerman's chest from the hitmen A&W and Van Gogh were enough. Yep, Kellerman, our favorite smarmy bastard, finally gets whacked. But not without leaving us with more questions. Why is Scofield working with Poseidon?

3. Who Is Poseidon?

Is Jacob really Poseidon? [Credit: Fox]
Is Jacob really Poseidon? [Credit: Fox]

Just when we thought it was Kellerman acting as Poseidon, T-Bag follows A&W and Van Gogh who are meeting with a mysterious person. When T-Bag maneuvers to get a better shot with his camera...could it be? OMG! It turns out Poseidon might be none other than Jacob! That's right! That explains why he was only shot in the leg and not left for dead by the assassins in the first episode. The whole time he was describing Michael's "Game Theory" to his wife Sara in the last episode, he was really talking about himself. He's the one manipulating people. Jacob is probably tricking Sara into some nefarious scheme. Or at least we think Jacob is the mystery rogue CIA agent, he could be working for someone else. We still have yet to find out who Frank Burrows is from Episode 1.

We are still left with a few questions hanging in the air. Did Kellerman get inside A&W's head? Now that Ramal is dead, what does that mean for Michael?

Season 5 Episode 5 "Contingency" airs Tuesday, May 2 on Fox at 9pm. Check out the promo below:


Do you think Jacob is the mysterious Poseidon?


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