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Stranger Things first appeared on our screens just over a year ago on Netflix. It provided a fantastic blend of science fiction, horror and perfectly crafted '80s nostalgia. A brilliantly told, original story in its own right, Stranger Things went on to win numerous accolades for its quality as a show and its collective cast. It wasn't much of as surprise that a little while after its release, a second season was given the green light by Netflix.

Then there was silence. We saw nothing of Season 2 until February this year at the Superbowl. By that, I mean we were simply told we couldn't watch the new series until Halloween. Bummer. However, a couple of weeks ago we got a much better trailer from Comic-Con, making sure to wet our appetite a little more as the wait continues.

It showed us some great footage, and the backing music beautifully intertwines the late Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It's got me salivating like a kid in a candy shop about the possibilities of what has been shown thus far. So now, with just under three months to go, I thought I'd write about the three biggest questions about that I want to see answered.

1. What Is Will's Connection To The Upside Down?

Things don't seem to be getting any better for poor Will Byers, whose disappearance kick-started the stellar first season. Not only is he still having visions of the Upside Down, his mother is still letting him go out in public with that bowl cut! That's true horror right there, ladies and gentlemen.

How dare you let me go out in public like this, Mom. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
How dare you let me go out in public like this, Mom. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

All jokes aside, the end of Season 1 and the Comic-Con footage shows things are not getting better. Just when you thought coughing up Demogorgon slugs was bad, Will finds himself transporting back to the Upside Down at random, where a new, larger, much more terrifying force is looming. However, this new monster isn't after him, it's after everybody else.

Why? What is Will's importance to the world of the Upside Down? Could he be developing abilities similar to that of Eleven? This seems to be hinted at in the trailer, since he's strapped into a chair in a facility akin to what she was trapped in during the flashbacks of Season 1. This is something I wouldn't be averse to seeing, but I'd expect a good explanation as to why it's only affecting him, and not Hopper, Jonathan, Joyce or Nancy, since they'd all entered the Upside Down too, albeit not for as long.

Another, more unusual theory I have heard is that Will (somehow) starts turning into a Demogorgon. A bit more far-fetched if you ask me, but he's been in an alternate dimension with a very different atmosphere — who knows how it's affecting him? It would add an interesting dynamic to the rest of the cast if Will truly did become a monster. Who would want to be the one to kill him? Would he necessarily be evil?

Likelihood of this being answered: 100 percent. The Duffer Brothers produced Season 1 and 2 as one overall piece, since Will seems to piece of the puzzle that brings everything together, it looks like this next season will primarily deal with his time in the Upside Down and what it means for everyone's future.

2. Who Is Hopper Working With Now?

Now, before you ask, I'm well aware that he is still a police officer, and hasn't taken up a career in pole dancing. I'm merely referring to the last time we saw him at the end of Season 1, where he was taken in a car by some shady fellas in suits. He was also leaving Eggos in the woods, but let's talk about the men in suits.

Don't go playing hide and seek in Hawkins. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
Don't go playing hide and seek in Hawkins. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

Jim Hopper was my favorite character from Stranger Things Season 1, a man who was both vulnerable and strong at the same time, with the weight of the little town of Hawkins on his shoulders. Jim was caught between needing to help Joyce find her son and keep the rest of the community calm in case any freaky stuff occurs — and it did, big time.

The men in suits who took Hopper away looked very much like government officials, but who is to say it is not more of the "bad men"? I highly doubt that'd be the case, since he campaigned against them in Season 1, or maybe it's merely the government telling him to act like nothing happened. It'd make sense that they wouldn't want to alert the public to the true goings-on in Hawkins. I can imagine it would not go down very well, to say the least.

Alternatively, it could be another group/agency looking to develop a deeper understanding of the Upside Down. With Hopper essentially responsible for the safety of the people of Hawkins, it'd make sense for him to work with experts who can help him further expand his understanding of the Upside Down, even if he does already have on-the-job experience.

Likelihood of this being answered: 60 percent. While Sheriff Jim Hopper is clearly a big player in the world of , I feel this particular story thread is something that may be put on a back burner. The Comic-Con footage has offered us many great theories and possibilities of what to expect this time around, I just hope that it can wrap things up coherently and gives us some satisfying answers.

3. How On Earth Is Eleven Still Alive?

Another one of the great stars of Season 1 was Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven. A young girl with no "proper" name and unusual abilities ranging from contacting alternate worlds to making school bullies piss themselves. Truly great powers, those.

When Papa brings you Eggos. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
When Papa brings you Eggos. 'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

However, I seem to recall her literally disintegrating herself and the Demogorgon to save her friends at the end of Season 1. I'm not exactly surprised they've brought Eleven back, as she and Will were the two driving forces of the first season, so I'd expect Season 2 to follow suit.

I think it is fairly safe to say her powers will allow her to survive. By the looks of things, we're going to get a pretty good explanation as to how as well. I'm interested to see how long they wait to bring Eleven back into the story — whether it's dealt with in the first episode or if the show takes several episodes to build up her comeback.

The latter would be my preferred option because bringing her back in straight away would cheapen her sacrifice at the end of the first season. I don't think a show of this quality should reduce itself to keep some viewers happy; its strength is in the quality of the writing and the core cast's acting. If they play their cards right there is more than a reasonable chance that Season 2 could eclipse Season 1 in terms of critical praise, and that is no easy task.

Likelihood of this being answered: 100 percent. Well, they can't not answer this, really. It'd make no sense not to explain how she'd come back. However, it does have me thinking that I wouldn't mind my mom having a slight issue with psychedelic drugs if it gave me super powers.

Those were my three questions for Season 2 — what else would you guys like to see get answered? Feel free to leave a comment below and we can have a talk about it.


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