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For fans, the divisive prequel left them with a long list of questions regarding the story's lore. From the real origins of mankind to its purpose in a universe where the Xenomorph is a fearsome reality, Prometheus sparked curiosity among viewers but ultimately left us guessing.

With the release of Alien: Covenant, a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to Alien, fans were hoping that the five year wait would finally bring some much needed answers for their burning questions. However, Alien: Covenant actually raises more questions than answers.

Here are 5 lingering questions that Alien: Covenant didn't answer, but will hopefully be addressed in Ridley Scott's future Alien movies. Note: there are Alien: Covenant spoilers ahead.

1. Why did the Engineers create humanity?

One of the biggest plot points of Prometheus was the revelation that humanity wasn't the end result of natural selection. Instead, mankind was the creation of an advanced alien species dubbed "The Engineers," a.k.a H. R. Giger's fossilized Space Jockey first seen in Alien.

Prometheus ended with two survivors, Elizabeth (Noomi Rapace) and (Micheal Fassbender), charting a course to the Engineers' homeworld in search of answers. However, Shaw's existential inquiries are never answered, because David kills the Engineers with their own bio-chemical weapon the moment the two arrive at their destination.

2. Why do the Engineers want to wipe out humanity?

Another major revelation in Prometheus was that the Engineers not only created humanity, but are also hellbent on wiping out their own creation. In fact, the first thing an Engineer does after being woken up by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) and his minions is to violently attack them before resuming its mission to wipe out the inhabitants of Earth.

Though Alien: Covenant takes place on the Engineer's homeworld (or at least a colony of theirs), shows them in flashbacks and even gives a good glimpse of their society, no allusions to their motives are made. Before anything substantial about the Engineers could be explored, David kills every living Engineer, as mentioned earlier.

3. What exactly are the Engineers' ways?

Halfway through Alien: Covenant, David meets an advanced version of himself, the new android named Walter (Michael Fassbender). Hoping to bring Walter to his side, David explains his actions to the Covenant's resident sentient artificial intelligence. David mentions that on the way to the Engineers' planet, he learned about their ways, and has since been applying them to his own experiments.

Once again, this possibly informative aspect of the Alien mythos is never expanded because David exterminated the Engineers before asking the questions fans want answered. It's highly likely that the Engineers' culture would have given a hint as to why they became hostile to humanity, but this won't be known unless director chooses to revisit them in a future Alien film.

4. What's up with David?

During the ten year gap between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, David kept himself busy by experimenting on the Engineers' deadly Black Substance (a.k.a Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15) in his quest to surpass the humans who made him. This even escalated to a point where he experimented on Shaw, betraying her trust.

Alien: Covenant ended with David taking control of the colonial ship Covenant and its two thousand occupants, ready for more experimentation. However, given how he already achieved his goal with the Xenomorph's birth, one has to wonder what else he wants to do.

The movie highlights that David feels attached to the deadly Neomorphs and Xenomorphs, with him even trying to tame them. However, what he hopes to accomplish from bonding with the creatures is still a mystery to fans.

5. What's the actual evolutionary tree of the Xenomorph?

As mentioned previously, the Xenomorph is actually the dangerous creation of David that took years of studying and experimenting to perfect. However, this contradicts the small but significant details that were planted in Prometheus.

In Prometheus, carvings of what appeared to be the Xenomorph were clearly present on the walls of the Engineer ship that the main characters explored, implying that the Engineers knew of the Xenomorphs to some degree. The prequel even ended with the appearance of the Xenomorph's ancestor, the Deacon, bursting out of an Engineer's body in true Chest-Burster fashion.

Now with the added reveal that David created the Xenomorphs from the Neomorphs that were somehow free of his influence, the exact evolution of the Xenomorph is now in question. Fans have yet to know the final verdict as to whether or not the Xenomorph is an ancient nightmare that lurks in the depths of the universe, or if it's just a lab rat created by a rogue android.

6. How will the prequels lead up to LV-426?

Since Alien: Covenant paints David as some form of evil mastermind, the latest prequel suggests that he is responsible for the ensuing carnage caused by his pet project, the Xenomorphs. What has yet to be explained is how his actions directly lead up to events of Alien and by extension, the rest of the Alien franchise.

Alien kicked off when the crew of the Nostromo discovered a derelict Engineer ship on the planet LV-426, hinting that the Engineer onboard was a victim of a Chest Burster, causing the alien's crash landing. As David presumably killed all of the Engineers and created the Xenomorphs, Alien: Covenant implies that the Engineer craft wasn't downed, but was somehow planted by David - complete with hundreds of Facehugger eggs.

Even if David is being set up to be the overall villain of the Alien franchise, his intellect is currently born out of luck and coincidence. Alien: Covenant takes place roughly 23 years prior to Alien, and its follow-ups should further explain how David orchestrated the Xenomorph's rampage to the finest detail.

As you can see, Alien: Covenant ended with even more questions than answers, meaning fans will have to wait a little longer to know the full story. With the amount of new questions opened up by Alien: Covenant, it's now up to Alien: Awakening to close the gap between the Alien movies and the prequels.

What other questions about Prometheus and the Alien lore do you hope that Alien: Covenant will answer?


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