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We finally made it: finale has come to a conclusion, wrapping up and answering a lot of the questions I have pitched and you have read in previous articles over the course of the season with my "Biggest Questions Raised" series.

While the season is definitively over (no cliffhangers this time around), there are still some huge questions the show has left up in the air for fans to sit on for six months. Let's wrap this ongoing series of articles by predicting some huge things to happen in .

5. Where Are The Whisperers?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

This is a question that I've been sitting on not just throughout the season finale but all season: Where in the world are the Whisperers? They were heavily teased throughout Season 6 and even though we expected Season 7 to focus primarily on the Saviors, there was certainly room for some Whisperers set-up.

Showrunner told in an interview earlier this season that the Whisperers are coming soon, but they are not coming right away:

"It's not impossible that the Whisperers could come along or aspects of them could come along earlier than the timeline of the book, but certainly not this early."

So if not now, when? Even though Season 7 was very slow and didn't cover that much time, Season 8 will certainly be quicker. All-Out War is not something that could be dragged out as war is fast and brutal. Given that, we will probably see many battles take place over the first eight episodes of the season and in the second half, conflicts will continue and the Whisperers should come into the spotlight. Like Gimple said, it's only a matter of time now.

4. How Much Longer Will Negan Trust Eugene & Dwight?

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

At the end of the episode, when Negan asked Eugene how Sasha could have died in the coffin, Eugene gave a pretty solid answer. However, judging by Negan's facial expressions (hat tip to for an amazing performance), he definitely knew Eugene made the pill and contemplated smashing his head in. But he reconsidered, knowing that Eugene is a vital player in this war and will have a big impact on the outcome. Given that, we'll see Negan squeezing every last drop he can get from Eugene and disposing of him when he's no longer useful. We know Eugene's death is coming, the question is simply a matter of when and if he will die a hero or a coward.

As for Dwight, it appears that Negan has no idea Dwight has made an alliance with Alexandria. Since Eugene is too much of a coward to play this role, Dwight will be the fulcrum (shoutout to those Star Wars: Rebels fans) for Alexandria. In other words, he will be delivering Rick reliable and important information that will help them gain the upper hand.

3. How Will Rick Expand His Army?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The end of the episode clearly showed the size of both Rick's and Negan's armies on purpose to show the viewers how much more soldiers Negan has than Rick. If Alexandria is going to win this war, how are they going to match that army? First of all, like I said above, Alexandria will have people on the inside gathering intel against Negan and the Saviors. Right now, we are not aware of any insiders in Alexandria and it would be very unlikely to happen.

In terms of people, Alexandria will probably return to the Oceanside and beg for their help. Also, the Hilltop and the Kingdom are still training soldiers and as a result, their army will become bigger every day. Regardless, Alexandria will have a much smaller army than the Sanctuary and will have to play tactically if they want to come out victorious.

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2. War Is Coming - How Long Will It Last?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Even though it's a bit disappointing that we only got to see the first battle arrive, we are comforted by the fact we are in for some serious shit going down in six months. This first battle was intense, and when Shiva (along with the Kingdom and Hilltop) pounced in to save the day, all of us watching jumped up in the air and threw our fists in the air in joy (just like said we would).

When the show returns in October, the season premiere will be extra special because it will also mark the show's 100th episode. Given that, next season's premiere will be one of the biggest, bloodiest, and epic episodes ever and will be a focal point in the war. After then, things will unfortunately slow down for a bit and there's a good chance some people get split up. By the midseason return, things should be picking up steam again and the war coming to an end. While this war could continue on for seasons, it is only one storyline and will most likely end with the midseason finale. Alas, the Whisperers will be a much larger threat!

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1. Who's Set To Die Next?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Will the Tablecloth Theory thread out into the eighth season? Just because the season has ended doesn't mean a lot of the deaths that we thought were coming aren't still going to be delivered down the road. For example, Gregory's death was set up perfectly, but because the season ran out of time focusing on people walking and not important characters, we didn't get to see the cheeky bastard meet his fate. However, that does not mean will keep him alive.

Besides that, there are so many other characters that will most likely kick the bucket next season. Eugene and Dwight are messing with the wrong person and if they don't play their cards right, Lucille will receive a tasty dinner. Also, I'm surprised Morgan's life will extend to the eighth season as his character won't have much to do. Could Morgan be a casualty in the season premiere? Next, if the Whisperers are introduced, could we see Rosita and King Ezekiel meet their comic book fate?

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

Last but not least, the show has set up Maggie taking over his community for quite some time now - but could this all be a trick by the showrunners? What if Maggie is the one that actually surprises us all and becomes the biggest death in the finale? This would be one of the biggest twists The Walking Dead has ever pulled off and it feels more necessary than ever considering how closely the show has stuck to the recently.


What question are you guys dying to find an answer for in Season 8?

What did YOU guys think of the season finale? Are you looking forward to Season 8? Tell me below!


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