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The last thing we heard regarding Vin Diesel's Riddick franchise was back in December of 2015, when Vin revealed that the fourth film would be an R-rated origin story and would probably shoot in 2017. Well, here we are in 2017, so I felt it was time to consider some of the great mysteries of the franchise and what questions we want answered in the upcoming installment.

1. Once and For All: Who (And What) Is Riddick?

'Riddick' [Credit: Universal]
'Riddick' [Credit: Universal]

Who and what Riddick is has been kept very ambiguous in the series thus far. In Pitch Black, he was portrayed as a psychopathic criminal with a rough upbringing, but since The Chronicles of Riddick it has been made clear that he is an alien — an Alpha Furyan from the planet Furia, to be specific.

Since it has been confirmed that the next film will be an origin story, it would be great to see Furia and what the Furyans and their culture are like. Most importantly, it would be exciting to discover more about Riddick's role on Furia and why he left it. These mysteries have been central to the Riddick series for a while now, and if some of them were addressed it would really make the fourth film stand out as a turning point for this franchise.

2. What Will Happen Between Vaako And Riddick?

'Chronicles of Riddick' [Credit: Universal]
'Chronicles of Riddick' [Credit: Universal]

The ending to the unrated extended version of Riddick implies that the Furyan wants vengeance on the Necromonger. If there had to be a main antagonist in the Riddick series, it would be Vaako, as the two have always had an intense relationship.

Vaako has a grudge against Riddick for snatching the position of Lord Marshal out from his fingers, and Riddick clearly despises Vaako for leaving him on a dead world. The chances of them having a confrontation seem very likely, but when and how it's going to take place is the real question. However it happens, with all this history, it'll surely make for some epic scenes.

3. How Is This Five-Film Franchise Going To End?

'Riddick' [Credit: Universal]
'Riddick' [Credit: Universal]

While promoting 2013's Riddick, director David Twohy suggested that the series would be a five-film saga, stating

"I believe there are two more movies. And I think it’s good that we are looking at ending the series so it doesn’t feel like an open-ended thing."

If Twohy and Vin Diesel follow this plan, then the fourth film should give hints as to where Riddick is heading and what his remaining goals are before the final adventure begins.

One theme that seems to reoccur in the series is compassion. Riddick is a selfish character but occasionally someone — whether it's Carolyn in Pitch Black or Kyra in Chronicles — shows him that people are worth saving. This theme is likely to reach fruition by ending the series, showing Riddick putting his ego aside and sacrificing himself to save someone's life. If the fourth and fifth films answer these questions, then we should be in for a satisfying, badass ending.

'Chronicles of Riddick' [Credit: Universal]
'Chronicles of Riddick' [Credit: Universal]

What question do you want answered in Riddick 4? Let me know with a comment!

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