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Although excitement might be mounting for the new upcoming Star Wars Rebels, we mustn't forget that Star Wars: The Clone Wars has one last huzzah before it's consigned to the trash compactor.

Although the series was withdrawn from its usual televisual slot, the final sixth season of the animated series will be appearing on Netflix on March 7. As is customary for Netflix shows, the entire 13 episode series will be available to watch straight away, meaning you can stay in bed, eat pizza and binge on Star Wars for an entire day.

As well as a release date, we get a new clip featuring Yoda, and none other than as Qui-Gon Jinn. Check it out below:


The final series, subtitled The Lost Missions, will apparently follow Ahsoka's exit from the Jedi order, while it will also reportedly answer the age old question of why some Jedis become force ghosts and others do not.

What do you think? Will you be catching the final series of The Clone Wars? Let us know below.

Source: USA Today


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