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Alisha Grauso

For 18 months, we heard virtually nothing regarding the upcoming supernatural comic adaptation R.I.P.D. as it underwent extensive post-production effects. Now, with its summer release quickly creeping up, all sorts of material is starting to hit the internet.

First, we got our first look at stars and in character. Then the official poster dropped. And now, we finally have our first trailer. FINALLY. Are you excited? I'm excited. Here it is:

Not sure I'm entirely digging Bridges' faux-drawl there, but the movie definitely looks like it strikes that MIB-style balance between humor and otherworldly action. In other words, it has the potential to be a definite sleeper hit. I like Ryan Reynolds, and he's just fallen short of the mark of being a bona fide moviestar up to this point in his career. Will R.I.P.D. put him over the edge into A-lister status? Looks like we'll find out July 19th when it his theaters.


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