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It looks like has successfully ignored speculation that met with her former fling Rupert Sanders while he was out of LA last week, and as an act of defiance it looks like the Twilight lovebirds are actually closer than ever, having signed up to dance classes!

According to the Daily Star, via Hollywood Life, the press-hounded couple are focusing their attention elsewhere; the ballroom to be specific. KStew has allegedly been trying to get RPattz's clumsy feet off the ground for a while, and he's finally agreed. A source close to the couple commented that:

Rob is the first to admit he's a terrible dancer. But Kristen has been trying for ages to persuade him to have lessons with her, and he's finally caved in.

After the British actor gave his one true love the sentimental gift of his Grandmother's ring last week for her 23rd Birthday, could all this dancing activity signal Kristen's...dare we say it...efforts to prepare for a not-so-distant-future wedding?

How cute is this on a scale of '1' to 'I-want-to-see-their-babies'?


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