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Abi Toll

Amidst the media hysteria that has made the K-Stew and R-Patz phenomenon what it is, it's no surprise that is pining for 'quiet times' with .

According to The Stir, Rob does reportedly miss Kristen and the time spent not being put upon by teeming paparazzi, you know, just like how normal folk tend to spend their private time together.

Sources claim that the vampiric lovers have been in 'constant contact' and are as good as back together. We learned recently that K-stews mama was organizing meet-ups between the two to prevent Rob's derailment; which has hopefully had a positive effect.

The Stir reported that a pal of the pair said:

They have to be secretive. They will drive far away if it means they can be alone. It’s the only way they can rebuild.

Here are the two of them on a motorbike. Hot.

Oh god, the suspense is killing me now. What will happen in the next episode of Robsten? Any ideas?



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