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Karly Rayner

Those damned paparazzi are getting slobbish these days. While they were busy throwing turkey dinners down their naughty little necks, Rob was secretly fleeing his Thanksgiving love-in with Kristen. Scandalous!

An anonymous source has let slip that and are the masters of ultimate stealth. Rumor has it that everbody's favourite young love-birds devoured an intimate feast with KStew pulling out all the stops for her beloved:

Kristen was the star chef on Thanksgiving and had a blast with Rob gobbling up all her food. They spent the holiday at her place in Los Feliz along with a few of her closest friends. It was very intimate and sweet

I am glad that R-Patz wasn't carving a mashed potato effigy of KStew as I previously predicted, but I think its time that these two let their love run wild and free or, let us know the dream is over. What do you guys think?

(Source: Perez Hilton Images: WENN via Perez Hilton)



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