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If bricks and mortar were capable of emotion, Robert Pattinson's former Los Feliz mansion would be quietly weeping right now. Not only did the stately Spanish Colonial style mansion witness the disintegration of Robsten in a horrifyingly intimate manner, it will also no longer have Rob roaming around its stately interior in his pants. Never have I felt such deep, cutting sorrow for a house.

has sold the colossal property for a stately $6.35 million but, considering he bought the place for $6.275 million in 2011, the sale seems to have been driven more by emotion than profit.

Robert Pattinson's former mansion. Love don't live here anymore

Who can blame the The Rover star for wanting to leave his break up memories behind him? I mean, what use are all of those idyllic pools if they are filled to the brink with memories of floating around on a lilo in a bikini?

That greenish tinge is totally something to do with the  detritus of a soured relationship

Maybe I am a deplorable perv but, is anyone else getting some serious kicks at feasting their eyes on R-Patz's sumptuous master bedroom?

The magical master bedroom, phwoooar!

Do you think the enormous price tag for this beautiful property is worth owning a piece of Hollywood heartbreak history?

Source: TMZ

Images: TMZ via MLS


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