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Continuing to confirm reports that they are really for real over, and have made a point of being not-together in the very public eye. Rob is seemingly happier than ever, with a career that is taking off and a new friend and potential lover in bubbly , while Kristen, well...she looks miserable, which is to say she looks exactly how she always looks. So situation normal there.

But Rob continued to have fun over the weekend, now that he's allowed to smile again, and threw what was apparently THE party to be at for his friend and collaborator 's birthday. The theme was The Great Gatsby, and everyone was decked out in their best Roaring 20s get-up. All the who's who of Hollywood were at Rob's swank Los Feliz pad, with one glaring exception: Kristen, who was nowhere to be found.

Musician Todd Michael Schultz gave everyone the low-down via his Twitter account and, while he got a little starry-eyed fan-gushy, had nothing but glowing things to say about Rob and his bash:

But no, for those wondering, Kristen was most definitely not invited:

While the rest of his Tweets from that night and in the aftermath read as a bit famewhorey, at least he could confirm/deny what was CLEARLY the most pressing issue of the night.

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