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Growing up is a part of life, but it can be hard to see your childhood fade into memory. Luckily, there's one thing from our younger years that has remained in our lives well into adulthood and that's Disney.

For a lot of people, the most iconic thing about Disney movies is their childlike sense of wonder that never grows old, even when we do. Disney remains an integral part of our childhood that always stays with us, no matter what. But just because Disney hasn't grown up yet, that doesn't mean we couldn't see more mature Disney films in future.

The Wonderful (R-RATED) World Of Disney!

For the longest time, R-rated movies were seen as taboo films, or movies that weren't expected to draw in a very large crowd. Nowadays though, it is much easier to pitch an R-rated movie to large, moviegoing audiences.

This is mainly because of how desensitized society has become. It's a lot harder to shock anyone these days. Because of that, movies like Deadpool and Logan can not only exist, but can even enjoy a successful run at the box office.

Disney is usually seen as a very kid-friendly studio, but much like Marvel and DC, they too can break out of this mold and make more mature content. Disney's audience from their famous 90s renaissance has grown up, and with their huge roster of upcoming movies, I'm sure there's enough room for some R-rated content in there to satisfy them older generations too.

Just imagine an R-rated Pirates of the Caribbean. It wouldn't have to be overly bloody or gory or full of cussing, but this would certainly allow the series to get away with a lot more — even leading to an epic send off for Jack Sparrow in a way similar to that of Logan's in...well, Logan.

Disney could slap an R-rating on several of their old franchises. An R-rated Star Wars or Tron, hell, even an R-rated reboot of The Black Cauldron... these are just some of the opportunities that Disney could take advantage of with a more adult approach! Not to mention the countless possible original R-rated films the creative team at Disney could come up with.

Of course, there are those would might be a bit concerned about the idea of an R-rated Disney movie. After all, Disney has been known for their child-friendly content over the course of generations. If the studio suddenly turn around and start making R-rated movies, this could taint Disney's name for parents who expect safe and family-friendly content.

All in all, doesn't have to make adult-oriented movies. It's not like the R-rating will suddenly make a Disney movie better. However, this approach would open an entirely new world for Disney and its fans, allowing the studio to create films that they simply couldn't before. I don't know about you, but I'm totally ready to see what Disney can bring to the R-rated game!

Should Disney start making R-rated films or should they just stick to kid-friendly ventures? Sound off in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


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