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A new trailer dropped this afternoon, and as far as trailers go it basically pushed the big button on your keyboard marked "MAXIMUM HYPE KLAXON." It's violent, it's badass, it features Logan gruffly, reluctantly taking the young mutant X-23 under his wing, and it seems to hint at the death of Professor X.

The one thing it doesn't have, though, is explicit language — but fear not, because a new, hard-R version of the trailer arrived almost simultaneously to provide a few extra thrills to those not already pitching a tent over this movie.

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Save for a very brief shot somewhere in the middle (around about where X-23 unleashes hell, stunning Donald Pierce and his henchmen with her fighting skills), the two trailers are actually identical... until the end. Right after the 2:10 mark, when the trailer fades to black, a brief post-titles scene gives Charles Xavier, who seems to be at death's door, the opportunity to speak in some very colorful language...

Check out the R-rated Logan trailer below.

In case you missed it:

"Two days on the road, only one meal and hardly any sleep, she's eleven, I'm fucking ninety!"

On the one hand, he makes a fair point. On the other, Charles is really living up to the "grumpy pensioner" stereotype, am I right? Logan is released March 3.

Will Logan open the door for a bunch of R-rated superhero movies?


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