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Whose balls did Deadpool have to fondle to get his very own team-up movie? It's a question for the ages, and one we'll discover the answer to, hopefully, when yet another mutant spin-off hits the big screen. (It might rhyme with Diamond Sinberg.)

Yep, X-Force is coming, with an inevitable R-rating, a shit ton of innuendo and a time-travelling leader guaranteed to make Professor X look like a Teletubby in comparison, and it feels like everything's beginning to fall into place as the X-universe separates into two distinct parts — the main saga (Xavier, Jean Grey and the , plus spin-off New Mutants) and the wilder, more violent, more potty-mouthed adventures of Deadpool and cohorts.

'Uncanny X-Force' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Uncanny X-Force' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Increasing his creative influence, Ryan Reynolds will co-write the X-Force script with Joe Carnahan, who'll also take the reigns as director. Carnahan previously helmed the reboot of The A-Team and also directs and produces NBC's The Blacklist, but don't hold that against him.

More Deadpool/X-Men news:

So that's what we know for sure — what we don't know is what the team line-up will look like, or where this movie will fit into the notoriously impossible to decipher X-Men timeline. Seeing as Deadpool exists independently of the main X-Men saga continuity, X-Force will most likely continue on from (which is coming first) and establish a concurrent timeline to X-Men: Supernova and , ruling out any crossover with those movies.

But seeing as Logan exists in its own continuity too, in the year 2029, there's every possibility that certain characters from that movie — particularly the Wolverine clone X-23, a main team member in the X-Force comics between 2008-10 — could play a part in this movie. Obviously that would either require X-Force to be set in the future, or Cable (rumored to be played by Pierce Brosnan) to create even more of a continuity mindfuck by travelling to the future to retrieve an older X-23.

Which X-Force Line-Up Are We Going To Be Wearing Brown Pants For?

In the comics, Deadpool himself has fought alongside the X-Force without actually being part of the team, and the involvement of Reynolds here, plus Cable's role in Deadpool 2, suggests the merc with a foul mouth will be a major part of X-Force, even if he's not technically a team member.

Who else? The X-Force has been through so many line-up changes since its inception by Rob Liefeld in 1991 that it's basically impossible to pin down a "classic" team or predict which comic book run the movie will jump off from, but we know it will include Cable and almost certainly Domino.

'Cable and X-Force' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Cable and X-Force' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The smart money might be on a loose adaptation of Cable and X-Force (2013-14), whose team comprised Cable, Colossus, Domino, Forge and Dr. Nemesis. Being a touch more obscure, though, the latter two could be swapped out for somebody like Psylocke, Archangel or Shatterstar. Then again, a certain founding X-Force member gets an intro in Logan, so that person and X-23 could also be a good shout.

X-Force is probably looking at a 2019 release date if everything goes to plan. Before then we'll get X-Men: Supernova (likely May '18), New Mutants (later in '18) and Deadpool 2 (somewhere in between).

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