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If you were old enough in the '90s to remember the ground-breaking commercials that aired during the breaks of your favorite TGIF shows, there are more than a few that stand out. There will be plenty of nostalgia at the end of this article, but for now, let's rewind those brains and look back at one of the most eye-opening, memorable anti-drug PSAs to ever air on our little boob tubes.

This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Crazy, isn't it?

Two decades and several hit movies later, is at it again, reprising her original egg obliterating role. But this time, she has a new for drugs; the war on drugs, at least.

This Is Your Brain On Drug Policy

Even crazier, right? All these years later, with the war on drugs still going strong, many eyes have been opened to the effects that war has had on so many people. We won't get into that here, but Rachael Leigh Cook's updated message should open an entire new generation's eyes.

Now, for some nostalgia! Keeping in line with the anti-drug PSAs from the '90s — remember this one?

Never looked at a swimming pool the same way again — or snakes!

Topping the list of the weirdest, and slightly funny anti-drug PSAs was none other than the talking dog:

Let's not upgrade that one, m'kay?

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