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It's that stomach-pulverizing moment when you enter a room and realize that two people you used to date are there and what's worse, they're talking to each other. Now, double the intensity — this should give you a little indicator of just how "please God, make the floor open right now and swallow me whole" you will be feeling in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory. For here, Raj will be facing off against not two, but four angry ex-girlfriends. Eep!

Catch a glimpse of how absolutely NOPE this moment is going to be via the exclusive peek shot below, curtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

[Credit: CBS x Entertainment Weekly]
[Credit: CBS x Entertainment Weekly]

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Can you feel it?! So awks it makes me want to fold my face into itself and make it stay there until this scene is over. But hey, wouldn't be The Big Bang Theory if it didn't make you cringe at least five times per episode, right?

This particular event will take place in the Feb. 2 episode, and is basically a Raj-orchestrated focus group compromising of Emily, Claire, Lucy and Emily, who return to give their two-cents on why their relationships with him all failed. WHY would you do that to yourself?!

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Would you love to hold a relationship focus group comprising of your exes telling you how you messed up?

(Source: EW)


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