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Sophie Atkinson

Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie changed the face of sci-fi with his iconic Star Wars designs.

In the early stages of pre-production, it's common for filmmakers to use artists to help shape their vision for the movie. His designs were part of what convinced 20th Century Fox to fund one of the most popular film franchises ever. Neil Kendricks of The San Diego Union-Tribune's reaction was typical of many he when described McQuarrie as holding 'a unique position when it comes to defining much of the look of the Star Wars universe.'

If you haven't seen his original concept art, check out a few images below:

Obviously McQuarrie's designs were just used as a jumping off point and changes were put in place before the final versions of the characters came out.

Recently, pictures have been released from the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope suggesting that some of McQuarrie's designs made it to a costume test phase before they were altered. Feast your peepers on these:

Obviously these aren't carbon copies of the McQuarrie designs by any stretch of the imagination - but you can definitely see they were inspired by his sketches.

What do you think of the costumes that didn't make it to the final cut? Do you prefer them to the costumes they ended up using?


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