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OK, so here's the thing. Rami Malek. He's really hot. We don't know exactly when this thought occurred to us, but once it did, it set in with a red-hot passion, brimming to the surface until we were aware of a deep-set knowledge that we'd all like to hack into his system. This handy graph — courtesy of this fabulous article here — basically sums up the Mr. Robot viewing experience for many of us:

Of course, with a dreambot like this, we'd all like to believe that he's just waiting to meet the right girl/guy (a.k.a. us) and sweep them off to bug-eyed heaven. But a troubling reality has surfaced that nevertheless brings a bittersweet joy: Rami may well be dating his Mr. Robot co-star, the babin' Portia Doubleday.

'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA]
'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA]

There's no doubt that Rami and Portia have wonderful chemistry, and their on-screen characters, Elliot and Angela, have a rather ambiguous but genuine connection.

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Although neither actor has made a public declaration, there are little hints that show up on Instagram (mostly from Portia because Rami's all about that firewall). So let's go through the evidence and see if we're convinced by the end:

Item 1: Feeling Her Nodes

While this is part of a photoshoot, there's no denying that he's holding her just a little too close for comfort. recap, my ass!

Item 2: Compressing Friendship Image

By the looks of things, they're aiming to share Cookies. Arm over shoulder? OK, I see how it is.

Item 3: Meaningful Staring

Say what you will about this being a perfectly normal "friend position," their eyes say, "I want to hack your hardware," and you know it.

Item 4: Getting Down With The Dawg

Awwwww he's meeting her lovely little pooch! And she's now calling him "Ram"? I see. It's cool.

Item 5: Loading Full Smooch

I'm sorry, but you DO NOT kiss a friend this way. And if you do then that's not the pic you post, unless you're hinting at at little somethin' more. He's kissing her teeth, for crying out loud!

Item 6: That Caption Tho

"Thank you to my wonderful most incrediblee man," eh? Alright, princess, I guess you can have your cake and eat it too!


I've now officially changed my tune. These two look more adorable together than 1 and 0, and I'm definitely 'shipping them both on and off screen!


What should Rami and Portia's 'ship name be?


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