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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Seasons 1-6

Evan Peters is definitely a fan favorite within the community. Having appeared in every season so far, Peters has always shown off his talent and versatility on the show. He has gone from a troubled teenager, alien-abductee, franken-frat boy, lobster boy, infamous serial killer, a wealthy aristocrat and a simple actor over the course of six seasons. is already confirmed for Season 7 of American Horror Story, which will no doubt be another excellent performance. In celebration of the great news, here is a ranking of all of his current characters from the show. Who is the best? Scroll on down the list to see.

Note: These are all based on personal preference, so diehard Evan Peters fans don't come for me.

'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Credit: Fox]

6. Kyle Spencer (Season 3)

'American Horror Story: Coven' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Coven' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote: "Dog." (If you have seen Coven you will get it)

Trivia: The most fun scene to shoot for Peters is when Kyle kills his mother.

I don't want to crush the hearts who love the deceased frat-boy Kyle, but his relevance in Season 3 was pretty pointless. He really was a zombie just sitting in the background. No fault to Evan Peters — he is, in fact, an incredible actor — but Kyle in all plain honesty was a dud of a character. The season — debated among fans as one of the weaker seasons — could have gone without Kyle and more so, the tiresome love triangle and that unnecessary implied a threesome between Kyle, witch bitch Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and newcomer Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga). Zero boy parts for this character.

5. Edward Philippe Mott/Rory Monahan (Season 6)

'American Horror Story: Roanoke' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Roanoke' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote (Edward): "The living cling to life above all, but the trophy misprized is to die in peace."

Favorite Quote (Rory): "I promise to eternally, forever, love the shit out of you."

Trivia: Many viewers thought Evan Peters was going to be playing a member of the Roanoke colony, when Peters posted this picture to his Instagram.

Even though Evan Peters had the shortest screen time he has ever had on the show, both Edward and Rory managed to be far more interesting than zombie boy. gave Peters the chance to sink his teeth into two completely different characters in one season. Though they were short lived (literally, both characters were killed off pretty quickly), Evan completely nailed the personalities of the sophisticated Mott and upcoming actor Rory.

4. Jimmy Darling (Season 4)

'American Horror Story: Freakshow' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Freakshow' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote: "Well sassy, lucky for you, you're not my type."

Trivia: Having to wear the prosthetic hands every day was incredibly difficult for Peters.

I am probably the only one on this boat, but I actually couldn't stand lobster boy, Jimmy Darling. Given the world around him was very unforgiving, and he did imbibe, I thought his moping and lashing out at everyone was just too much. Although, he did have very redeeming qualities — he was very protective and held a lot of responsibility in the freak show. So, points for that. Evan Peters, of course, is always convincing in his roles, but I just couldn't get on board the "Darling" train.

3. James Patrick March (Season 5)

'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote: "I'm dead dear, not stupid."

Trivia: (On the distinct accent) Peters sent "four different recordings" of himself reading the same piece of text, but with a different voice each time. Ryan picked the one he liked best.

In my opinion, Hotel is the weakest/worst season to have aired, so the season as a whole is a complete blur in my memory. Despite all that, the character of the mass serial killer and builder of the grand Hotel Cortez, James Patrick March was an absolute standout. Mr. March was a complete departure from what we had previously seen from Peters. He wasn't the dream boy. He was a more mature character, with an incredibly complicated and sinister past. Without a doubt, the character of Mr. March is Evan Peters's darkest and most evil role. I mean come on, I don't recall Tate Langdon building an entire torture house in disguise.

2. Kit Walker (Season 2)

'American Horror Story: Asylum' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Asylum' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote: "You're one sick twist."

Trivia: A real-life couple, Barney and Betty Hill, claimed to have been abducted by aliens in 1961. They were the inspiration for the alien abduction plot with Kit and his wife Alma Walker.

I really don't see how anyone could fault the character of Kit Walker or Evan Peters's performance. Too many people romanticize . In all reality, if you want to date one of Evan Peters's characters, then this is definitely the one. Institutionalized for being (wrongly) accused of skinning and murdering women all over town, Kit Walker was the handsome, incredibly loyal and strong character (that even aliens loved!). Though, we all know that Asylum's true sole survivor is Lana Winters, Kit was definitely the hero of the season.

1. Tate Langdon (Season 1)

'American Horror Story: Murder House' [Credit: Fox]
'American Horror Story: Murder House' [Credit: Fox]

Favorite Quote: "The world is a filthy place. It's a filthy goddamn horror show."

Trivia: Peters would love to play Tate again to explore more of his backstory — what turned him "into what he became" and his "lighter side."

Evan Peters stunned us all in Season 1 as the charismatic and psychotic teen, Tate Langdon. With enough mommy issues to last two lifetimes, Tate was the bad boy that made millions swoon. I will go to my grave arguing with anyone and everyone, that so far, Tate Langdon is Evan Peters's best character on American Horror Story. He embodied the Kurt Cobain-esque teen and perfectly merged that with the psychopathic likes of . That brilliantly written character, paired with the acting abilities of Evan Peters resulted in an electrifying performance.

Did you know that many of the characters on AHS were inspired by real-life serial killers?

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Which Evan Peters character do you love the most?


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