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If you ever come face to face with one of these iconic horror villains should you just give up? No. In fact, some of these serial killers are a lot easier to beat than you might think. This list will give you a rundown of which villains are easier to beat and other villains you might wanna (unsuccessfully) run away from.

Before we get into the list, I have to do the adult thing a warn you about the graphic images and videos you are about to see. Next, I need to let you know the rules to the list: Demonically possessed characters are excluded, so no head-turning Regan McNeil (Exorcist). Speaking of demonic girls, Carrie won't be making an appearance either — she wasn't that bad. Villains from movies like Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes won't be included because they are more about the group dynamic. There will be no zombies, aliens (sorry, Pennywise fans), ghost, insects, or monsters like those in The Blob or Tremors. With that said, let's get this bloody party started.

13. Leprechaun (Leprechaun, 1993)

Kicking off the list is the 3ft magic-wielding Irish being with magic powers and a ton of ways to kill you. Unfortunately for my favorite Leprechaun, his weakness makes him arguably the easiest horror movie villain to kill. In fact, he has not one weakness, but two. Firstly, he's unable to control his urge to shine shoes, and secondly, is the four-leaf clover. So all you have to do is get some fresh kicks to lure him in, and grab a patch of clovers then BAM! Dead Leprechaun.

In addition to his lame weaknesses, his motivation for killing comes from greedy humans that can't keep their hands off his $h!t. All the ancillary victims are those who get in his way when he's chasing down his Lucky Charms — I mean pot of gold. If he has you in his sights he'll show no mercy in casting spells to make you pay for your transgressions.

12. Jigsaw (Saw, 2004)

If you don't value your life then you might here these words: "Let's play a game." The jigsaw killer Jon Kramer will make sure you either learn to love life or die trying to escape deadly devices. What makes Jigsaw so easy to handle is he only goes after those who take life for granted. Most importantly, Kramer isn't exactly a walking clean bill of health, thus making him very easy to beat down — just ask Detective Eric Matthews. Even those who took on the Jigsaw mantle (Amanda) could be fairly handled in a battle, much like his other protégées who were nothing more than humans honoring their mentor.

11. Hannibal (Manhunter, 1986)

It was and Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of Hannibal Lector that created a buzz so loud it spawned sequels and a TV show. However, Brian Cox was actually the one who first protrayed the flesh-eating, intellectually gifted serial killer. Like Jigsaw, one positive that makes him less scary is that he operates with some sort of a moral code. He (more often than not) kills those who deserve it. If you happen to be a potential entree, it sucks for you. However, at least you have a fighting chance against the non-supernatural killer, which is why he comes in near the bottom of the list.

10. Ghostface (Scream, 1996)

This Wes Craven slasher film played on the horror intellect by exposing all things slasher related and following through with it. The people that donned the mask were jealous, vengeful, bitter and pretty manipulative. Up until the 2016 MTV television version, the main target was Sidney Prescott in some shape or form. The secondary victims were just collateral damage. The people behind the mask are very crafty, fast, and always work as a team. Like most slashers, the weapon of choice is the classic knife, but they'd kill you in a number of ways.

What makes Ghostface our least difficult is the human element. Unfortunately, despite their intellectual prowess, the killers haven't been all that physically imposing or invulnerable, so they could be easily killed. Still, this cult classic has given us some pretty cool kills.

9. Dr. Satan (House Of 1000 Corpses, 2003)

Dr. Satan — or Otis has he's referred to — is one sick son of a bitch. The Rob Zombie brainchild kidnapped, raped, tortured, and experimented on victims as the leader of a cult that the Firefly family once followed. Legend has it that he was dragged and hanged after he was caught performing some unauthorized experimental brain surgery on patients in a mental asylum. Anyhow, he makes the bottom of the list because SPOILER ALERT! It's been proven that — like us common folk — he can fall victim to some high quality stainless steel. Since Dr. Satan isn't as well known as the other killers on the list, I'll let Captain Spaulding explain who he is.

8. Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974)

Initially, this looks like I'm going against the rules, but Leatherface is the face of the Texas-based murdering family. The chainsaw-swinging, heavyset hillbilly inbred is the guard dog that slaughters his victims like cattle and kicks off the most difficult to kill on the list. In fact, the home he lives in is made up of his victims' bones. It's society to blame for Leatherface becoming who he is. Yup, the people in his town bullied him and called him names like retard, making this Texas native's life Hell on Earth. Some people seek counseling, others go to the gym, but he took up killing as a way to vent his frustration and work through his issues.

What makes Leatherface our No. 8 most difficult to kill is, unlike the other masked killers on the list, Thomas "Bubba" Sawyer will run after your ass. Though he is human, he's shown the ability to withstand some pretty serve wounds, and somehow he always seems to get back up. Leatherface isn't just handy with a chainsaw, the human butcher can pretty much carve you up with any kitchen tool, but the cleaver seems to be his second favorite weapon. If you find yourself in Texas and need to stop for gas, please don't buy the food from "Last Chance Gas Station," chances are you're eating some unlucky teen or cop.

7. Candyman (Candyman, 1992)

Don't look in the mirror and say his name five times or you shall be met by the hook of Candyman. No. 7 is a man with a tragic backstory that makes this killer very hard to destroy. Before he became known as the Candy—(no, we don't his name) he was a former slave and talented artist who made a killing as a cobbler during the Civil War. Sadly, his relationship with his white girlfriend would be the cause of his death. Her racist father had a lynch mob amputate his painting hand, replaced it with a hook, smeared him with honey (which led to him being stung to death), then his body was burned and disposed of. Unfortunately for the Cabrini-Green residence, his ashes were spread on their land and now he's out for vengeance.

If you're dumb enough (like I am) to say his name, the hook-slashing deadman can kill you with bees as well as the hook. He is really strong, and if you try to catch him, he can take flight. Unless you're his former love's doppelgänger, it's best that this man stays behind the mirror or you'll end up like these fools:

6. Chucky (Child's Play, 1988)

At first glance, the creepy, somewhat cute Good Guy doll doesn't look so tough to kill. The serial killer and voodoo enthusiast Charles Lee Ray used dark magic to place his spirit inside of the iconic doll, Chucky. The doll was more of a desperation move after he was shot inside the Good Guy doll factory. Initially, he just set out to get Andy's body and unfortunately for the kid, he endured one hell of a childhood. After some failed attempts, Chucky eventually settled down, had a family, and continued on with his passion to kill.

This may seem odd to place him as one of the most difficult to kill, but considering that he's a doll with grown man's strength who can hide in places that Michael Myers and Jason couldn't, even if they wanted to. On top of being sneaky, Chucky is a merciless, crafty, killing machine with an array of ways to slaughter his victims. Chucky doesn't just wield a blade, the Good Guy could cast some magic and make a voodoo doll so he wouldn't get his hands dirty. The only lucky people are those who he would want to posses, everyone else is, well, child's play.

5. Michael Myers (Halloween, 1978)

The sister-slashing madman comes in at No. 5 most difficult to kill because, like many of the others that follow him, he's nearly invincible. He's been shot, stabbed, and electrocuted and somehow he keeps on strolling. Myers got his start in 1963 after he slashed his sister. Feeling incomplete, he had to go after his babysitter and any other members of his family. He may not have the charisma of Chucky, but like the Good Guy doll, he somehow manages to be stealthy when stalking his victims. He always seems to be in the right place at the wrong time. Like many killers on the list, he's shown that his knife isn't his only weapon, it just happens to be his weapon of choice.

He may not top our list as the most difficult to kill, but the slow strolling, jumpsuit-wearing, knife-wielding superhuman monster is no slouch. Try your best to defeat this Bogeyman, you'll fail, so it's probably best to just run. Even then, somehow he'll still find a way to kill you.

4. Jason (Friday The 13th, 1980)

When you hear that iconic, rhythmic whisper, your ass is grass and your head will belong to Jason. Jason Voorhees was victimized and killed by children at Camp Crystal Lake while under the watchful eye of some terrible teen counselors who were too busy banging it out in the woods to pay any attention to those evil kids.

Because of them, we can't ever visit Camp Crystal Lake without facing the wrath of the No. 4 hardest horror villain to kill. Despite his weakness being Crystal Lake itself (good luck getting him in there), Jason is virtually unstoppable. The "Hash Slinging Slasher" has nothing on the zombiefied, machete-slinging monster that is Jason. Though this faceless, emotionless killer seems invulnerable to pain, he isn't. He can just take it, which makes him even more psychotic. Outside of being a masochist, Jason also has super strength and in Jason Goes to Hell, he's shown the ability to possess people (though this ends tragically for his host). Did I mention he literally can't be stopped? Unless you have the help from another supernatural killer, you'll end up just another victim.

3. Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984)

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, Better lock your door Five, six, grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, Never sleep again."

From Jason to the man that kicked his ass, Freddy freaking Krueger comes in as our third most difficult villain to kill. One might argue his limited range with his killings starting at 1428 Elm Street. Some might say he only affected the teens close to Nancy Thompson and the children of the parents that torched him. Unfortunately, thanks to the weak bastards who lacked dream control, we too can be killed by Freddy Krueger. Freddy is a teen-slashing, skinny, barbecued dream killer who latches onto his victims and makes his way to reality. Unless you have some crazy dream control skills (like, you're able to make that falling forever dream end with you taking flight and landing inside a money pit) then you're screwed!.

Freddy's killing versatility, his deep repertoire of killing methods makes him the third hardest villain to conquer: he posses his victims, cast illusions, shape shifts, he's nearly invulnerable, and he'll slice you up and make fun of you while doing it. Oh, and he knows how to fight. Just watch Freddy vs. Jason to see what I mean. So I ask: What are you gonna do — expect to stick your head in between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye? That's if you're flexible enough. Freddy and his bladed fingers are too much to deal with; he won't just kill you in your sleep, he'll slaughter you in reality. This guy can literally ruin a wet dream.

2. Pinhead (Hellraiser, 1987)

Whatever you do, please don’t solve the Lemarchand Configuration puzzle or you’ll have hell to pay. The "Hell Priest" is unlike any of the killers on this list; he’s an intelligent and articulate being from another realm. The No. 2 most difficult killer to kill is Pinhead, an absolute phenomenon who makes Freddy Krueger look like Sandman. This murderer from another dimension is able to transport and manipulate matter, is a combat specialist, weapons master, and he has a clique to back him up. What's even scarier is that even in death his victims still suffer. The pale, supernatural leader of the Cenobites doesn’t even need to get close to his victims; instead, he lets his chains do the bloody work.

1. The Devil

Pinhead might be a supernatural being dubbed the Hell Priest and Freddy is a literal dream killer, but the face that runs the place is even badder than they are. Our No. 1 hardest movie villain to kill resides in a place that burns for all eternity. Lucifer, Satan, The Fallen Angel, The King of the Underworld — call him (or it) what you like, but throughout horror movie history, the Devil has been depicted in some of the greatest horror films.

Whether it be Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, The Exorcism or any other paranormal movie, there is only one ruler and it’s the Devil. He can appeal to your deepest desires and trick you into selling your soul; he's the ultimate villain that keeps on killin'. So, what mortal man can defeat a being that controls all evil? An entity that's so powerful it even has Freddy doing his bidding.

Now that we've ranked all of the toughest horror villains, how about we tackle the most bizarre horror villains next?

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