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From Thor to Hulk, many generations have been inspired by the Avengers. How often have you seen someone with the iconic Captain America crest or Iron Man's arc reactor on their T-shirt when you're walking down the street? On the big screen, actors and actresses have very big shoes to fill when becoming their comic counterparts. Although their acting skills may be amazing, we cannot help but judge their adapted costumes. So, I've scoured the Marvel cinematic universe and ranked the top 10 greatest costumes. From worst to best, let's see who soared to victory and who deserves a call from the fashion police.

10. Hawkeye

[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]

just enters the Top 10 list because, although the MCU costume takes a more practical approach, it's a mile away from the classic look in the comics. Forgotten are days of Hawkeye's purple helmet. Since his introduction into the , modern comics are leaning more towards his big-screen makeover. Though, the purple will be missed.

9. Scarlet Witch

Whereas the comic book version of is often portrayed in revealing and impractical clothing, the MCU opted for a more fashionable and comfortable costume. Scarlet Witch pretty much fights in her normal clothes, and her fashion sense might actually be the most realistic from all the heroes here. Not bad newbie, not bad.

8. Thor

The MCU's is definitely similar to his comic version. Keeping with the cape and general pattern of the original comic, the changes are almost too minute to notice. However, we've deducted a few points from the Asguardian hero because, although his winged helmet has made a few appearances in posters, it had been noticeably missing from the movies — until now! That right, Thor will be hitting the big screen this coming November in , finally doting his iconic helmet (while fighting off an apocalypse, no less)

7. Hulk

You'd think you can't really go wrong with a giant green monster and ripped pants, but you'd be surprised. With so many color variations of the , the MCU really has to pull up its superhero socks when it comes to everyone's favorite hero with anger management issues rather then just sticking with the mainstream green skin. I mean, you think the green Hulk is bad? You clearly have never seen him turn grey — now that's trouble!

6. Ant-Man

Having aligned with some of the Avengers after defeating the formidable , the MCU's Ant-Man has a more modern look than the classic comic version. Although the suit he stole from genius Hank Pym is awesome, it is significantly different from the comic. Thankfully, the red color as well as the shape and structure of the ex-thief's helmet has not changed too much from the comics.

5. Captain America

Although he's gone through a number of costume changes in both the comics and the movies, the first Avenger has never failed to proudly wear the stars and stripes of his country. Chris Evan's Cap may be spot-on in character, but his suit doesn't always fall in line with his comic book counterpart, whose colors are significantly brighter. Ranging from wartime propaganda to high-security infiltration, the suits may change, but the red, white and blue are a necessary constant.

4. Black Panther

[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]

Having made his debut appearance in Civil War, 's outfit takes the best from all his comic costumes and blends them together to make one fantastic live-action costume. With a chain of teeth and razor-sharp claws, he is a true warrior of Wakanda — and fans are loving every moment of it.

3. Black Widow

The scarlet-haired spy comes in third on the list (don't tell her who she lost to). In both the comics and the movies she has gone through very few costume changes. Draped in black, her Widow's Bite on hand and a Glock at her side, 's suit is 100 percent lethal. I pity anyone who dares stand before her. The movies portray her not only accurately in appearance, but in character, too (for the most part anyway).

2. Iron Man

[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]

Coming in at an extremely close second, has rocked the big screen for years. Although Tony Stark's homemade super suits have gone through multiple changes — from rusting thin cans to the highest of tech — he still remains one of the most comic accurate heroes both in style and in character. Robert Downey Jr. doesn't just play Tony Stark: he IS Tony Stark.

1. Spider-Man

[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Comics/ Marvel Studios]

The winner on my list is the latest addition to the Avenger's initiative: . Having swung into first place, Holland's suit (curtesy of everyone's favorite playboy billionaire, Mr. Stark) seems to have been pulled straight out of the comics. Keeping with the iconic Spidey colors and pattern, as well as introducing the retractable eye-slits, Tom Holland is the living, breathing Peter Parker!

Final Thoughts

From Manhattan to Wakanda, these spandex-clad heroes have saved the world (if not the universe) countless times. And although their super suits might occasionally be a bit outrageous or impractical, they're still iconic. Why else would fans wear them emblazoned across their chests?


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